2-Day Hiking Trip through the Czech Krkonose

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You’ve probably heard of or maybe even visited the amazing gems of Prague, and some of the main attractions on the outskirts of the capital. Czechia’s wonders include plenty of green areas from small parks to big mountains, making it a popular destination for winter sports but also hikers.

Czechia’s gifted with some of the most beautiful scenery, valleys and stretches of forests. If you are into hiking and spending time outdoors, think twice next time you choose your destination. Czech mountain ridges of Bohemia and Moravia, close to the Polish border, could be mistaken for a "little Switzerland". I hope you get my point, Czechia is not only about castles, beer, and Skoda cars, it has also some of the most beautiful hidden natural reserves of Europe. 

Czechia's Highest Point

Krkonose mountains are a national reserve and a UNESCO listed biosphere. It is in fact, a mountain area which is filled with an abundance of hiking trails, where you could spend days and weeks hiking without ever getting bored. Kick-off your hiking expedition with a trip to Czechia’s highest mountain, Snezka, which reaches 1603 meters in height. Make your way to Pec pod Snezkou, where you will find a trail that takes you to the peak of the mountain. This mountaintop is also very popular during the winter for skiing

Picture © Credits to istock/fotokon

The good news is that there is a cable car to reach the top of the mountain from Pec pod Snezkou, in case someone in your group is not keen on hiking. The bad news for taking the cable car though is that you won’t be able to enjoy the breath-taking panoramic views as you hike up. The easiest way to reach the top of Snezka is by making your way through Obri dul, which means ‘Giant Valley’. The hike will take you about 2 hours until you reach the mountain top. Hiking to Snezka will definitely be an unforgettable experience and I'm sure you will love every second of it. 

A few words of advice...

The ideal time to go hiking in Czechia is in the Spring and early Autumn. As you might imagine, the winter months tend to be very cold and flooded with skiers. In the summer, you might face unbearable heat and warm weather, which might make it less enjoyable if you are on the go. During the warmer months, watch out for ticks, snakes and other wild animals. 

Picture © Credits to istock/fikander82

The source of River Elbe

Continue your hiking adventure towards the Elbe Meadow, which is the location of the source of River Elbe that runs from Eastern Czechia, through Germany, and towards the North Sea. Getting to the River source from Pec pod Snezkou takes about 4 hours through the hiking trails. Take the hiking path towards the west, heading to Spindleruv Mlyn. The meadow will be located west of Spindleruv Mlyn, a popular skiing village, where you may decide to spend the night and where you will be able to find great accommodation. 

Picture © Credits to istock/Milan Chudoba
Picture © Credits to istock/ricoK69

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