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Antonio Nogueras Malpesa

Hello, I am Antonio. My friends know me as the crazy guy who loves music, enjoys life, literature and writing. I realize I have a bunch of passions in life but let's skip that part for now! I was born in Seville and moved to Brussels when I was 8 years old. I have also lived in Rome, the US, the UK and I’m now based in lovely Paris. That to say I’m not the standard, fully-Spanish guy. But I can assure you that no matter where life has brought me, I have always come back to Andalucía and the rest of Spain, more and more astounded each time by its mysterious beauty. I love Europe, I love the world in fact, and I love travelling. The perspective that such a travelling life has given me on my own land makes me both able to be profoundly admirative of it while feeling familiar with the place I come from. I’ll try to get you to discover marvelous places all around Spain with my articles, as I believe my whole country, and Andalucía in particular, have a whole constellation of marvels to leave you speechless.

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