Costa del Sol - Fuengirola Nightlife

Antonio Nogueras Malpesa | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Fuengirola is an andalusian coastal town located between Málaga and Marbella, about a 30-min drive away from both cities. It is a place very dear to my heart, as I tend to come every summer to spend some time with my friends and family. I have decided to write a series of articles about Fuengirola because I believe it is a very eclectic place and has plenty to offer. I don't know what you are looking for in particular, but I can almost guarantee that, whatever it may be, you will be able to find it in Fuengirola! A great variety of activities await for you here, whether you are single and travelling with friends, spending some romantic holidays with your partner or travelling along with your children. Fuengirola is a city that has experienced a tremendous change in the last couple of decades and is today more vibrant and alive than ever, especially in summer.

So, today I wanted to focus all of my attention on the Nightlife of the city. Foreigners who come visit the area take their chance to enjoy the wonderful Spanish beaches and the delicious gastronomy of the region, but few of them do so while neglecting its attractive Nightlife. Fuengirola might not be as notorious as, say, Marbella, but I can guarantee that the Fuengirola Nightlife has absolutely nothing to envy the latter. Fuengirola attracts people from all over the region who come every weekend to enjoy its Nightlife. Fuengirola also has a very international atmosphere, you will be able to find more local and traditional venues here, while at the same time it won't be difficult for you to find places where you will have a hard time looking for a single Spanish local.

El Pihama

The Pihama is a club dear to everyone in Fuengirola. It has been around for years, hosting some of the best Spanish bands and DJs of the region. It used to be a charming underground sort of cavern, made of brick. Today, it has been turned into a modern-looking kind of venue, with a large and wide dancefloor, a long bar, a scene at the end of the room, and glass decorations that give a very fresh and elegant look to the place. At the Pihama you will be able to enjoy a relaxed kind of atmosphere, music is also not too loud and you will also be able to enjoy a nice conversation in there. The clients of the Pihama are mostly Spanish locals. Not sure about it? This video might change your mind about it:

Club London

The London Underground Club is located in front of the Fuengirola port, surrounded by other pubs and clubs, in one of the most ecstatic areas of the city. For years now, "la London" (as locals call it) has managed to stand out amongst the crowd, due to its wide dancefloor, its R&B and pop music, the cultural diversity of its clientèle, and the good vibe inside the venue. You will be able to dance until 6.30am non stop in here!

Bet & Play

And now let me tell you about a different kind of venue, just to give you a little more variety. If what you are looking for is a bar to spend the night playing pool and table football, drinking beer and watching sports, the place you're looking for in Fuengirola could perfectly be Bet & Play, a bar located in a very central area of the city, where you will be able to enjoy that kind of night with your friends. Last year, it was the only venue to televise at 5.30am the Conor Mcgregor vs. Mayweather fight!

If I was to write about all of the great nightclubs and bars Fuengirola has to offer, this article would never end. Trust me on this, if you're around Málaga and you're considering a place to go out at night, make sure you don't forget about Fuengirola, you'll have a blast, guaranteed!

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