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Milena Mihajlovic

Being a passionate traveler myself, I try to rediscover my country Serbia and present it in a raw and unaltered way. It’s a fun goal - shedding light on a big culture, its festive people, and nature, that sits in the shadowed corner of Europe. I am Milena, a person of many interests and a wanderer at the soul. My mom still keeps that poem that I wrote at the age of 6 about a flower and a worm and, you guessed it, likes to tell it at family reunions. Since then, I’ve built a portfolio of poems, articles, and interviews published in various media.Things I can't do without: nature, sun, coffee, and friends. Love getting lost in big cities, spending a whole day in a museum, or going on extended camping trips. The world is so diverse, and I enjoy every bit of it!

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