Vegetarian guide to Serbia: Novi Sad

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Traditional Serbian food is over-saturated in meat. If you ever sit for a lunch with a local family and try to explain that you don’t eat meat, a woman of the family would be worried for your health, and a man for your sanity. Although traditionally a real carnivorous nation, the awareness about health benefits of vegetarianism are spreading among the younger population. More and more people decide to go vegetarian and vegan.

As the demand for healthier food is growing, so is the offer. Here is a list of the top three vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in No[vi Sad](

Ananda Vegan Restaurant

This restaurant proudly holds the title of the first vegan-only restaurant in Serbia. The food is fresh, and there are daily and weekly menus available. They offer a wide range of healthy and super tasty vegan food, and vegan versions of traditional foods, even fast food (just a little bit healthier). After the main course, there comes the hardest part: choosing the right dessert. OK, most of the food is vegan and gluten-free, but the Ananda team doesn’t stop there. Even their cakes and cookies are amazing and sugar-free.

Fish & Zelenish Mediterranean Restaurant

As the name of this restaurant suggests, it belongs more in the pescatarian group, as it serves mostly Mediterranean cuisine that occasionally includes fish and other seafood. There are many vegetarian options available, and it’s often considered the local favorite unofficial vegetarian restaurant option. They strive to combine the best from Greek, Italian and Dalmatian cuisine and prepare food with the organic ingredients and lots of love.

Vege & Vegan Organic Foods

Pretty transparent from the restaurant's name - they offer both vegetarian and vegan food choices. The foods are organic; the recipes are original; the flavors are delicious. Vege & Vegan welcomes its guests to a cozy atmosphere and always smiling, friendly staff. Their daily menus consist of three courses and they offer gluten-free and casein-free meals.

Even if you are not vegetarian, it’ definitely worth visiting these restaurants and trying some of their unique, healthy foods. The veganism may be the healthiest hype yet, and the best thing about it is that people are inspired to create new dishes and combine unusual mixes of ingredients.

And then, it’s a heaven on earth for us with the curious taste buds.

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