Zadar sunset - Alfred Hitchock's favourite

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Zadar is a city in the northern part of Dalmatia in Croatia. It’s located between amazing mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Apart from the tasty Dalmatian food, the Adriatic Sea and its islands, national parks (National park Paklenica is the closest one) and parks of nature, there is something unique in this city. Whether a romantic soul or not, the sunset is always a spectacular event. In Zadar sunsets are the best on the Adriatic, let's see why. And first we can read what Alfred Hitchcock said and why Zadar's one was his favorite sunset.

First of all, welcome to Zadar, the oldest inhabited city in Croatia and the capital of the Zadar County. Home to many famous Croatian artists and the birthplace of Roman emperors. The wider region of this city is what I suggest to visit on a bicycle. Also, Zadar is the place of one of the oldest European universities. But, let's go now and see its romantic side combined with art and nature. Let me present you "The Greeting To The Sun" and "Sea organ" in Zadar.


Greetings To The Sun

“Zadar has the best sunset ever” - you might hear people saying that or writing it on the internet forums. Well, I just can confirm that. After all-day walking around the new and old part of the city, watching the sunset with a glass of wine is the best option you can choose. It’s been ten years that Zadar got "Greetings To The Sun" or "Monument to the Sun" (Croatian: Pozdrav Suncu), a unique and beautiful monument dedicated to the most important star on the sky - The Sun. It’s located in the port of the western part of Zadar. This glass circle is 22-meter diameter big, and it’s equally beautiful during the day and the night. After watching the real sunset, you are welcome to enjoy the festival of lights.

©iStock/Clement Peiffer

Sea organ in Zadar

Speaking of the sea organ in Zadar, let's first hear them:

Watching the sunset will be incomplete without some wine, as I said before, but now let's add some music as well. Music made by sea organ in Zadar is unique. This sea organ, made in 2005, is one of the most interesting attractions of the town. As long as we have the waves and tides, we will have the sea music here. Made together by architects (one of them is Nikola Bašić, the creator of the "Greeting To The Sun") and composers, this unique sea instrument is a perfect match with the nearby "Greeting To The Sun" monument. Located in the western part of the city, this monument dedicated to sun, nature, sea, and art should be an irreplaceable part of your night stroll in the Zadar old town.

"Greeting To The Sun" and "Sea organ" are also worth visiting in the early morning as well as in the evening. In summertime, the sun will set just in front of your eyes, it will go behind the islands, while the sea organ will play its music, and the "Greeting to the sun" will start gathering more and more people. This all makes Zadar a spot of the best sunset on the Adriatic but even without these monuments, the sunset is equally impressive if you watch it from the nearby mountains or islands. So, all romantic souls, come and enjoy the rhapsody of colors and sounds that also melted a heart of big Alfred Hitchcock making this his favorite sunset.

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