"Your name": Pilgrimage tour for fans in Tokyo

Mayo Harry | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Have you ever watched the animation movie called "Your name" (kimi no na wa)? "Your name" was directed by Makoto Shinkai and caused a social phenomenon in Japan in 2016. This movie was released in various countries around the world and has won the Best Anime Award at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. In China, "Your name" broke the old record and set a new one at the box-office numbers for Japanese movies. "Your name" has been capturing the hearts of everyone that watched it in the past years.

©flickr / kanesue

In the movie, many impressively realistic streets' scenes of To[kyo](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/teamlab-borderless-the-ultimate-digital-art-museum-in-tokyo-5mo9) and views of the countryside of Gifu appear throughout the story. These Tokyo streets and the view of Gifu's mountain town actually exist. In fact, they became sacred pilgrimage spots for "Your name" fans. If you are thinking of visiting Tokyo and have not watched "Your name," I strongly recommend watching it before your visit. You will get a different sightseeing perspective of Tokyo - other than the typical one. "Your name" pilgrimage tour can definitely be a unique experience. Visit these sacred spots and feel the miraculous energy of the movie "Your name"!

©flickr / kanesue

This miracle story starts with the encountering of Taki, a high school boy living in the city, with Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the mountains of the countryside. The minds and bodies of Taki and Mitsuba are swapped suddenly one morning. They have divinely been ordained with a course of life together but cannot meet each other.

City scenes in Shinjyuku with high rises

©flickr / kanesue

One of the charms of this movie is the contrast between Gifu's rural town and the lively flows of Tokyo: this contrast** is beautifully expressed using music in the relevant scenes. The intersection behind the Shinjuku police station is particularly eye-catching in the big city scenes that are projected repeatedly in the movie. The design, in which several traffic lights are lined up in a circular pillar, forms a cyberspace that symbolizes modern Japan. In addition, there are many modern and unique high-rise** buildings around this area such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is recommended for those who are interested in architecture.

Shinanomachi pedestrian bridge

©wikimedia / Hisagi

The pedestrian bridge that appears many times in the movie is right outside of the JR Shinanomachi Station on the left. This is the place where Taki and Okudera-senpai went out on a date, and Mitsuha, who visited Tokyo, tried to call Taki. The surrounding road, which is lined with ginkgo trees, has a calm atmosphere that seems unlikely to be in Tokyo but makes it a perfect place for a stroll.

Shinjyuku station: south and east gate

©flickr / kanesue

The Shinjyuku station south gate is very famous. A big sign of the Shinjyuku station with a lot of people walking by the massive zebra crossing is faithfully expressed in the movie. It is a recommended Instagram photo spot in Tokyo. The traffic during peak hours is incredible but unbelievably smooth. In reality, many street musicians are adding color to the Shinjyuku pop culture at night.

©flickr / kanesue

From the east gate of Shinjuku Station, head to Kabukicho, the world-famous downtown area: along Yasukuni-dori, just before entering Kabukicho, there is a large-scale street vision towering in Shinjuku. The three large screens regularly show the latest music videos, news, advertisements, etc. so that you can catch up with the news of Japan. If you want to see it from the same angle as it is shown in the movie, look up from the Seibu Shinjuku station, in front of the tunnel.

  Docomo tower in the distance

©flickr / kanesue

Among the scenery of Tokyo that appears in the movie, a building with a unique shape is the most striking. This building is called Docomo Tower and was built and used commercially by NTT Docomo, one of Japan's major mobile phone companies: it is the fourth tallest building in Tokyo. Docomo tower is located near the JR Yoyogi Station, but in the movie, the view from the pedestrian bridge is drawn immediately after leaving the JR Shinanomachi Station. As you can see in the picture, the surrounding buildings, road signs, and roadside trees have been faithfully reproduced, and the movie will surely seem to you quite realistic.

©flickr / kanesue

There is no doubt that Japanese anime is highly appreciated all over the world. Many overseas anime fans visit Japan to feel the energy in the origin of the anime subculture. If you are an anime fan, and especially if you liked “Your name,” then the "Your name pilgrimage tour in Tokyo" will give you a sense of satisfaction: experience yourself the reality that is presented in this anime movie.   

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