TeamLab Borderless: the ultimate digital art museum in Tokyo

Mayo Harry | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If art museums are on your bucket lists, Tokyo will fill your desire. There are many world-class art museums to choose from. Nevertheless, TeamLab Borderless is a highly recommended digital art museum as it strives above the rest with its exceptionally unique creation of a borderless digital world which you cannot find elsewhere. This ultimate museum of the borderless digital world is extremely instagramable.    

Borderless world of digital art 

© flickr/rabbit_akra

The concept of this digital art museum, TeamLab Borderless is “borderless world.” Once you enter this borderless world of light, visuals and music, you will melt into it and become a part of the exhibition. There is no set route in this borderless digital world, so walk freely, search and discover. Let yourself loose and be absorbed into the ultimate dream-like experience at TeamLab Borderless. There is no exit sign, but there are many friendly staff members who are wearing black clothes everywhere around the museum, and they can lead you to the exit. One of the unique features of this museum is a digital art café experience at En Tea House. Each seat has an empty teacup. When the staff pour tea, a flower appears on the surface. When you move the teacup, the flower disappears then another flower appears again!  

©Nir Kalif

What is TeamLab

TeamLab is a well-known digital art collective, which is run by an interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists. This super creative digital art team is configured by various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, animators, mathematicians and architects. TeamLab has been exhibiting its digital installations around Japan and overseas, some of the exhibitions are permanent collections of well-established galleries. Apparently, TeamLab aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature through their artwork, which is the combination of digital technology and art. Be a part of this experiential art that frees itself from the material and overstep boundaries. 

Where to experience TeamLab Borderless

TeamLab Borderless is conveniently located, one driverless monorail, Yurikamome-line, away from the centre of Tokyo. Position yourself right in front or back of the monorail as the view from that ride is one of a kind. It is in a permanent exhibition building in the middle of Odaiba, a manmade island, with futuristic buildings, great shopping, plenty of eating and entertainment options. Tickets are sold at the door, (only if not sold out) however, I recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. TeamLab Borderless is very popular, especially on weekends and school holidays time. TeamLab Borderless offers a day pass and a half-day pass. Re-entry is permitted, so you can explore it all day. If you want to avoid the crowd, it is best to visit in the evening. Coming out of the borderless world of TeamLab, then blending into the Tokyo neon would make you feel like the borderless world is continuing.  

For art lovers or fun searchers, TeamLab Borderless, the ultimate digital art museum is a perfect spot in Tokyo. There are ample chances to take awesome Instagram shots to share your wowing experience. Go and soak up the unique, high-quality modern art of Japan at TeamLab Borderless. Enjoy!

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