With the Steam Train and the Boat to Achensee

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Achen Lake (German: Achensee) tourist spot for more than a century offers a lot. The most visitor start their journey in Jenbach, the closest town in Inn Valley. From there you can use normal highway or in the summer the oldest still in use steam cog railway to get here.

Achensee Railway is runing for more than 120 years, since 1889 precisely, from Jenbach train station, the only place in Austria where the three different gauges sizes meet, a standard gauge West Railway, a narrow Ziller Valley Railway gauge and 1 metre wide Achensee Railway gauge. In just seven kilometres steam trains tackle 440 metres altitude using the rack system at the steepest sections. In use are the three steam engines and four open and two closed four-wheel coaches which are over century old. The railway end-station is at Seespitz on Achensee, where the train meets the boats.


From here visitors can continue their journey on the water. Since the end of 19th century steam boats were in use , however in 2007 the last steam ship St. Benedikt was retired. Today six ships are in use the biggest are MS Tirol with the capacity of 600 passengers, MS Stadt Innsbruck 470 passengers and the newest ship, launched in 2016, MS Achensee with the capacity of 500 passengers. In the past the ships were used not only for tourist purpose but for the local transport and during the Second World War and after it together with Achensee Railway for supplying the region with the goods and materials.


Achensee area allows its visitor to experience magnificent scenery on-board a boat or a train. This can be perfect excursion if you are in more famous Ziller Valley.

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