Why Trolls became famous in Norway

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Trolls are the most recognized Norwegian creature. Where did the Troll come from and what places inspires us to think about Trolls?

The Troll park in Norway worth travelling to is ''Senja Troll park''. Mythological trips in Georgia include ''A mythological Khvamli Mountain''. In Greece, there's ''Olympic mythology'' for your entertainment

You find one kind of Troll in the mountains and another kind in the woods. The mountain trolls are the bigger ones. Norse mythology talks about Trolls as one of many mythological creatures and there's a bunch of types and the Trolls are arguably the only one still showing their material form on earth.

The beautiful national park of Jotunheimen, which is regarded by many as the number one hiking trip in the world is called the Giant's home, translated from Old Norwegian. The giant could be a Troll or it could be a half-god. The intellectuals who wrote these things tended to contradict each other a lot in the Viking days. For you trip to Jotunheimen, you can also stay in this fairytale cabin, Eventyrhytte. Eventyr actually means fairtyle, inspired by Tolkien's saga universe, this fully equipped cabin is the perfect place for you to spend your nights during your troll-discovery trip.

Norway is obsessed with trinities in their tales. This is because they are inspired by a type of Troll who grows three heads in their adulthood. A bridge troll is a smaller category of Forest Trolls who prefer to hang out under bridges and in the water.

Norwegians cross-country ski during the day and stay inside in the night. Because Trolls, like the owl, are hanging out and hunting during the night. They are not the brightest types and portrayed as a variant of Neanderthals. To defeat them you trick them. Keep them out until the daylight shows and they'll turn to stone. They are scared of light and lightning because Thor with the hammer from Norse mythology loved to destroy Trolls using his thunder hammer

Photo credit @ Alfred Smedberg

An intriguing idea came about when we walked up Trolltunga. The landscape contains many faces and the stones look a lot like Troll heads, hence the name Trolltunga (The Trolls tongue). This could be why Norway is so coupled with Trolls, because of the shapes in our nature. These concepts only arise when treading a path like this. The hypothesis goes like this: Trolls are coming back in human form. We never detected the threat arising since the Troll appears so stupid. The idea of the three heads of the Troll represents an internet chaos producer who possesses three aliases on the internet to comment from. The primary alias is his genuine self presented in a profile. The secondary is the fake antagonist profile, the third is another fake profile that is tackling the secondary alias. We can observe this in Trolls when they begin to argue with their own heads.

In the movie Frozen, trolls are cute and small and want to help Elsa and Anna to succeed. This is far from the truth. They are like the unempathetic Hobbit cookers in the Hobbit. You are what you eat, and the Trolls eats rocks and usually not humans.

Trolls can cause storms and earthquakes and sometimes when you're crossing a bridge, they give you a riddle for you to pass as we can see from legendary Norwegian tales. Naughty children are stolen by Trolls. Pretty girls are kidnapped to be the wife of the Troll. On top of that, trolls have an aversion to Christianity. Bring a bible with you in the forest is common advice for hunters

A scene from the tale ''In the hall of the mountain king'' - Photo credit @ Theodor Kittelsen

An iconic photo spot where pilgrims travel from the other side of the world to is Kjerag Bolten. A stone between two mountains that looks like it's going to fall down. A scary photo opportunity since there's a big cliff to fall down with only one wrong step. The stone looks like a trolls head and the surroundings are nearly like a collection of Trolls who are adapted into stone and meshed together for travellers to enjoy.

Photo credit @ Alfred Smedberg

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