Where to find the best fish restaurants in Novi Sad

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Europe’s longest river powerfully creates a distinctive landmark through every place that it crosses on its 2,850 km long flow. The people of all these regions have adapted for centuries to get the most out of such unmerciful force of nature. This has taught them specific skills, in order to curb their unique way of life, work, and even nutrition. In most parts, they share a mutual trait: their love for boats, kayaks, and fishing. As Novi Sad was built on the wide and fruitful banks of the Danube, it’s only normal that local people adore fishing, and often use the freshly caught fish in their diet. The fish is a big treat in the locals’ diet there, and there is even a whole touristic area called Ribarsko island (eng. Fisherman’s Island), where you can find the best fresh fish restaurants in Novi Sad

Just as the name suggests, the tradition continues to live in this place, and it’s really a good way to bring it closer to the newer generations and visitors.

Fisherman’s island as a mini-retreat

This is the place where the locals choose to walk in deep shade during the summer or eat hot fish soup on the cold and rainy days. The smell of fish inevitably makes everyone hungry, so the walk between picturesque weekend houses on the Danube, small traditional restaurants, and over 150 anchored small boats, usually becomes a lunch out with friends. 

Weekend houses and cabins are arranged with flowers and wood, a road follows the river, and the eyes just absorb the greenery and peacefulness of the river - this is a typical walk through the Ribarsko Island in Novi Sad. 

Ribarsko Island in Novi Sad © Credits to Aleksandar Milutinovic

The island serves as a clash of generations of sorts: the older generations like to enjoy the praised dinner and wine, while the younger prefer partying all night on one of the few splavs (party-boats) or swimming in the wild beach. 

Restaurants and their long tradition

This touristic establishment homes several of the restaurants nationally famed for their distinctive cuisine, fresh fish, and premium service. One of the representative places is restaurant Ribarac. The bohemian spirit of this place and the smell of cooked fish, just promise for a good time. Others will recommend Kucerak na Ribarcu, a traditional tavern that's proud of its meat and fish specialities, live traditional music, and great views of the river.

What to do in the area

Swans swimming in Danube © Credits to Kucerak

Following the river, we reach the wild beach, where the locals usually come to relax from the crowd or read a book in peace. From here, you can get a nice view towards Novi Sad’s most popular beach Strand, and the slopes of Mt. Fruska Gora on the other side of the river.  There is a yachting club, a lot of private boats, and inevitably, the fishermen. Local people who like to relax at this place, usually ride a bike on the pleasant 3 km long road from the city center.  If you are looking to spend a relaxing afternoon close to the city, but far enough so that the traffic and crowd fade to background noises, or just wonder where to find the best fish restaurants in Novi Sad, head to Ribarsko Island, you won’t be disappointed. 

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