What to take as a gift from Armenia?

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I know that almost every traveler, when the trip is coming to an end, has one question in his/her head - what to take as a gift for friends and relatives. In this regard, I will suggest you buy something that will remind you of Armenia, something that you cannot buy in other countries, something that is produced exactly where you travelled to.

Ararat cognac 

The gift number one, which is also the most famous brand of Armenia, is Ararat cognac (brandy). There are different ranges of Ararat brandy such as Dvin, Ani, Nairi and so on, that are available in supermarkets, special markets for alcohol and the factory of Ararat brandy, where you can also visit its museum. Recently, they also started producing “Charles Aznavour signature bland”, a cognac named after a world-known Armenian singer Charles Aznavour. Let me say, everybody who has a clue what good quality alcohol is will appreciate your present.

picture © credits to iStoc/jeka1984

Nairan cosmetics

Nairian was founded by an Armenian family. They produce everything one needs for the body, face, eye and lip care, hair care, as well as soaps for all the types of skin. All of the products are natural and pesticide-free. They are made of fruits, herbs and vegetables that they grow in special eco farms on the eastern slope of Mount Aragats. I assure you, if you enter their shop to buy gifts, you will end up buying also something for yourself. All the cosmetics you find here are made at their lab through distilling essential oils and cold-pressing the carrier oils.  Their products are available in Russia, the USA and many other countries.

Arden scarves 

Arden also became a very popular brand in recent years. They produce scarves for all seasons and women only. Those are mainly printed textiles. You can find almost any color you are looking for. They use Armenian artifacts in their works. Designers are inspired by the rich Armenian heritage, and the designed items are very nice. Well, let me say that by buying scarves from here, you buy a piece of art.

picture © credits to Ardean's FB page


Carpet and rug waving are very popular in Armenia since the ancient times. Natural hand-made carpets in Armenia are available at Megerian carpet and Tufenkin carpet.  While spending a nice time in the restaurant that is based within the factory, you can also check whether there is anything you may wish to buy for your home, as in Megerian carpet restaurant they decorate walls with traditional rugs and carpets. These carpets and rugs are of good quality and serve for decades. They ship worldwide, so buy one and ask for delivery. I am sure, you will enjoy seeing a piece of Armenian culture later at your place.

picture © credits to iStock/Ozbalci

Now, more or less, you know what to take as a gift from Armenia. Of course, there are still a lot of things I would like to talk about, but for today, these are your four main tips. 

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