What about Carl Jungs hometown?

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Carl Jung is known for his psychology where he invented tons of new concepts about dreams and individual motivation and inherent drives. He was furthering Freud's work and then they had a creative difference and separated. Jung was accused of making a cult after that. Here is his hometown in Switzerland called Kesswil!

For you who like thinkers from Europe, I have the hometown of Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Søren Kierkegaard, and Charles Dickens.

If you would like to go away from this wonderful country and downwards to Italy, you can check out The Vigezzina - Centovalli train for an amazing train experience that starts on the Italian side of Switzerland!

His roots

Where he comes from is very important. How his parents and surroundings treated him is also important. That's why an article of his hometown, which is largely underrepresented will be of value to enthusiasts about him. You'll get to see the hometown of Carl Jung, a hidden place in Switzerland!

Important info!

Be aware that the population is 996 people. This means you will breathe and have space.

Fun fact:

Bodensee lake which is the lake of Kesswil connects Switzerland, Germany, and Austria!

A playful place to eat

Gasthof Traube. This is a more playful place to eat. It is informal and has ice cream, too. Jung was famous for the Ego and The self. That means he possessed two personalities in his view. What happened inside of him was very much in focus in his works. You can also focus on what goes inside of your inner self by going to this playful restaurant and see how it makes you feel by eating the things that they have here.

Bed and breakfast Casa Marina

In Jung's view, the psychotherapist is the new version of the shaman. The Shaman is that wise person who looks into your soul which Terence McKenna speaks a lot about. Dreams are supplying you with archetypical energies which tell you stories that are motivated by evolutionary drives. That's why you can sort yourself out by going to the same town that Jung himself slept in and do exactly that.

Record store

You also have a record store in Kesswil! It's called Freaky records! The former mentor of Carl Jung which is Sigmund Freud had a phobia of music it is said. Freud was mostly into a specific type of opera. Carl Jung had a theory about the anima which is the girly side of a man, and that Freud represses this since music is part of the anima and part of the irrational. Freud wouldn't like to go to the Record store, however, you might enjoy it. This place is right next to The restaurant hotel Seegasthof Schiff.

Seegasthof Schiff

The place to dream and exist. The hotel of Kesswil. This is a hotel and a restaurant with very fancy food. That also means a fancy price. Bring your wallet. The building is like those old Swizz buildings that they had hundred years ago. Carl Jung was early in the thought that you don't have to seek a nice position in your job or become the status symbol in your social circle. You can instead use your precious time to fix your head so that you do good. Of course, he was on the top of the chain when it came to psychology and had quite a few fans. He still has by the way, like me. Still, if you already have the fanciness you might as well go to this high societies restaurant and have fun.

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