Wellness at Gabala, a tourism capital of the Islamic world for 2020

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A healthy lifestyle is now at the peak of popularity, which means that most of tourists dream of going to a specialized wellness journey, where they can have not only a quality relax, but also to lose weight and improve their physical and emotional state. Today, people understand that health is the most vital capital, therefore to save it and increase the work capacity is very important. In this article, you will learn how to enjoy a wellness at Gabala, a tourism capital of the Islamic world for 2020.

Chenot Palace

The Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel and SPA is based on the principles of detoxification and renewal of the body, known as the "Chenot Method". These unique techniques are aimed at helping the body get rid of toxins, absorb nutrients, increase vitality and energy level, as well as restore the body physiological balance. The Chenot Palace is located on the shore of Nohur Lake in Gabala. The centre with modern equipment, that occupies an area of 6000 square meters, is aimed at conducting medical diagnostics and check-ups. The complex consists of 72 rooms and three villas. As the main particularity of Gabala is nature, each room has a terrace with a view of the mountains and the lake. The panoramic windows are everywhere, even in the lobby, in the pool and at the corridors. The fantastic landscape of the hotel fascinates its visitors: a calm surface of lake, a noise of waterfalls, a silence of forests, and harmonious smoothness of the hills of Gabala.

Detox program

The hotel's detox programs are presented as a package for three days, seven days and 14 days. Once you have passed the physical examination, doctors will tell you which program suits you the best. The Chenot Palace offers different programs: a Detox, an Anti-Age and Recovery After Stress program. Each program includes all dietary supplements, consultations with doctors, medical procedures, massage, gym, spa, pool, and sauna.

The Human Performance Department, which is equipped with a modern metabolic laboratory, a cryocamera with a temperature of -110 ° C for cryotherapy and sports laboratory for fitness screening, are the main particularities of the centre. In addition, the department has the equipment for carrying out the anti-gravity and normobaric hypoxic (with reduced oxygen content) preparations aimed at strengthening physical health.

In the huge park of the hotel, that occupyies an area of 26 hectares, you can admire the ponds, lakes and cascades of waterfalls. The contemplation of the panoramic view of Gabala calms and evokes the desire to go for a walk or run.

Gabala Gafqaz Sport Hotel

If you would like to feel relaxed and restore the energy, then the Gabala Gafqaz Sport Hotel with an exclusive spa is the perfect place for you. This complex is located directly on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and offers you a breathtaking view of the beauty of Gabala. If you want to gain a new strength and energy, here you have a wide choice of options:a sports centre and gym, spa and wellness centre, hamaam, outdoor sports activities and pools.

After a wellness experience at Gabala, a tourism capital of the Islamic world for 2020, you will increase the level of internal energy, completely relax and regain your strength.

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