Weird and wonderful Norwegian souvenirs

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Souvenirs are objects that are created to remember a place. An object you look at to travel through memory lane and remember all the good times you had and all the things you saw. Norway has a lot of interesting objects that represent our country and the lifestyle. I will give you an introduction to Norwegian souvenirs. Of course, you have the option to buy a beanie with the Norwegian flag on. This way makes souvenirs lose its seriousness. An authentic souvenir has something iconic from Norway that is prevalent in our culture, not just the flag printed on any object. A fun fact is that a major brand in Europe is doing exactly this, printing the Norwegian flag on their clothing and using it as their logo

More souvenir talk has been done by Lousine in Yerevan, Armenia and Vivi in Kalocsa, Hungary. For food souvenirs, have a look at Norwegian eating habits and the sweet version. You may also pick up some Norwegian coins as souvenirs

The Troll figure

Picture © Credits to iStock/Wolfmann

More about the troll in ''the origins of the troll'' article. The troll is the number one mythical creature in Norway and Norwegians are very much into the tales of it. They are competing for popularity with the Vikings! A tale called ''Askeladden who had an eating race with the troll'' is incredibly well-known for Norwegians. The song that represents the trolls the most is the legendary Edvard Grieg's classical song 'In the hall of the mountain king'. A movie called Trolljegeren/The troll hunter is a cult movie in Norway. You'll find cute trolls with big noses and big eyes posing in the stores all over Norway 

Aurora borealis objects

Picture © Credits to iStock/Free-photos

The northern lights are one of the natural occurrences that draw people up here along with the mountains and fjords and troll hunting of course. Kitchen magnets, snow globes, photos, and more have the legendary Aurora Borealis on them.

Known as the city of the railroad workers, Narvik gives you the Aurora lights both as souvenirs and as an actual experience. We are also proud of the midnight sun and have clever ways of creating portable memories of it!

Viking ship miniatures

Picture © Credits to iStock/Oslogiftshop

The Vikings are popular in the movie industry these days and new TV-shows and movies are popping up all the time. Like the Norsemen show which is a satire of the Viking age. A mini Viking ship shows how Norwegians had a preference for travelling around Europe and still loving their own culture! We also discovered America, but more on that in another article

Lesta (Knitted socks)

Picture © Credits to iStock/Mararie

For winters in Norway, you need these thick wool socks in your shoes and for comfortable living when walking around your home. They bring you closer to the feeling of walking on clouds. The patterns are old traditional Scandinavian patterns. You see reindeer, snowflakes, and Norwegian shapes mixed in with an already functional warmth-bringing sock

Viking chess

Picture © Credits to iStock/Ardfern

Round two for the Vikings is a basic version of chess where you learn the rules in a minute and then attempt to surround your enemies king to win. The Vikings used their spare time for gaining intellectual skills with this challenging endeavour and were said to bet as much as their wives, in tournaments of this game

The Vikings lived in Lofoten and there's a museum there with incredible visual experiences and activities. You get to play Viking chess to see how amazing this will be as a gift!

Cheese slicer

Picture © Credits to iStock/Arnstein Bjone

Another functional object for the home is the cheese slicer. Cut the cheese into an appropriate size as we Norwegians do. The feeling of an unfulfilled kitchen is prevalent for us without this one and is perhaps the sincerest souvenir for Norway

Oslo is probably the best city for souvenirs. The most diverse place for Norwegian things is Oslo. From the writers Knut Hamsun and Henrik Ibsen to the contemporary cinema culture and Brunost!

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