Weekend bliss at Mulshi Dam, India

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A weekend getaway is necessary to survive city life. This time, to beat the city madness, I headed to Mulshi Dam, located some 140 km from Mumbai, India. The journey took six hours by car. I left early morning to avoid rush hour traffic but still ended up reaching late. The irony of living in the maximum city (a term coined by author Suketu Mehta), aptly sums up the uncertain nature of Mumbai. You can also take private buses or choose to travel by train – to reach Mulshi Dam. Moreover, reaching the Mulshi Dam from Pune is quite simple. The distance of 74 km can easily be covered by road. You can also find several trains and buses to reach the destination. So plan your weekend to experience bliss at the Mulshi Dam in Mumbai.

The road trip

When I visited Mulshi Dam from Mumbai, the city roads were manageable, but as I left the city and moved towards the outskirts, roads nearly vanished. For the rest of the journey, I was vrooming my car through thick jungles and non-existent roads, which sometimes also left me feeling eerie about my decision to take this route. Sometimes the roads were unimaginably steep; they were no less than roller-coaster rides. For someone like me, who is uncomfortable on roller-coasters, these roads constantly had me at my wits. However, these roads are often preferred by the biker community and avid bikers. So, if you love adventure and unexpected thrills on the road, then this route and trip are definitely for you.

Natural Bliss

© flickr/ Saurabh Chatterjee

If you love nature, water and loads of greenery around, then you must visit Mulshi Dam. The dam is built on the Mula River in the Mulshi District of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Rich in natural flora and fauna, the region is an extremely relaxing place and ideal to spend time with family and friends. The 365-day tourist destination becomes a surreal sight to explore during monsoons when greens are in full bloom. It is quite a refreshing sight, away from boring skyscrapers, which we get accustomed to in cities.


© flickr/ Yogendra Joshi

At Mulshi Dam, you can also plan a fun picnic with friends. Bring tasty homemade treats from home and savour them enjoying impeccable views around. But, do not forget to carry your hats and sunscreen creams as the sun can be quite harsh. There are also facilities to camp around in natural surroundings. Moreover, you can barbecue yummy treats and savour them amidst nature. Further, many roadside stalls offer delicious food, you can also choose something nice from there. One popular Maharashtrian delicacy that you must try is Vada Pav (fried potato patty inside a bun with salsas) from these stalls. One small advice: stay away from spicy salsa. Even as an Indian, this particular salsa is too spicy for my palate.

You can also enjoy activities like trekking, photography, bird-watching, hill-climbing, boating, fishing, crab-catching, besides bullock-cart rides here. A visit to Mulshi Dam offers a frolicking day spent amidst the gorgeous Sahyadri ranges. The water stored in the dam is also used for electricity generation and irrigation purposes. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend, look no further. The Mulshi Dam in Mumbai, India offers serene bliss and much more for tired souls. 

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