Warsaw's island of peace and quiet - Jazdów neighbourhood

Anna Kowalska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There is a place in the center of Warsaw that looks nothing like a part of the modern metropolis. Jazdów neighbourhood reminds me more of a village somewhere in Masuria, northern Poland. It is a place where time passes more slowly than on the neighbouring highways. When in the neighbourhood, located right in the** heart of the city, you can enjoy a variety of cultural and social activities surrounded by nature. Jazdów is a kind of a green island, where you will find peace and quiet** in central Warsaw.

Finnish log houses in Warsaw

The old neighbourhood of Jazdów is one of the biggest of this kind in Poland. Settled after World War II, it was a solution for a huge lack of housing in a destroyed city. The pre-fabricated log houses came from Finland, through the Soviet Union, as a part of the after-war reparations. Originally, Jazdów was equipped with 90 wooden constructions that were ready for moving in, during the first days of August 1945. The first tenants were the workers of the company responsible for rebuilding the capital.

How does it look like now?

© Wikimedia Commons/Dudzislaw

Nowadays, Jazdów consists of 27 original log houses. Some of them are still inhabited by tenants. The most significant part, though, is used as spaces for NGO initiatives in Warsaw. Most of them are social projects, focused on community work, alternative art and music as well as sustainable and ecological solutions. All of them are open for visitors and regularly organise workshops, concerts and lectures, promoting their program. When in Warsaw, I suggest checking out their schedules. Among the organisations, one can find Państwomiasto na Trawie, which is a branch of a reputable non-profit organisation working in Warsaw since 2012, with social activism as their primary goal. Another one is Pracownia Miejskiego Pszczelarstwa - an organization built to raise awareness of the importance of bees in our cities and to promote beekeeping. There is also *Towarzystwo Polska-Finlandia*, supporting international relations between Finland and Poland. My favourite ones** **are Ambasada Muzyki Tradycyjnej and Solatorium.

The embassy of music

© Karolina Majewska

Located in the vicinity of many embassies in Warsaw, Ambasada Muzyki Tradycyjnej (the Embassy of Traditional Music) is the official location of the organisation called Dom Tańca (the House of Dance). This place gathers people of different ages and professions, joined by their passion for Polish music. Their dance parties with live music look nothing like modern discos - here you can feel the magical atmosphere of dancing in couples, a feeling of community and a real passion. Ambasada consists of one main room used as a concert hall, a dancefloor and a place to give lectures or workshops, and a big garden. It is definitely a great place to get acquainted with a whole range of new sounds and melodies and learn how to dance, play an instrument or sing. I can assure you, it's very addictive and you will want to come back for more.

Solatorium - solution for a depressive winter

© Solatorium

Solatorium is a Finnish wooden house full of greenery and light. The idea emerged as a way to fight the dull winters in the city. Solatorium is equipped with anti-depressive lamps, surrounded by numerous plants - it is a kind of a city retreat, where everything is made to remind you of summer (even the smell). Most of all, Solatorium is another community project, where you can relax and meet other people while discussing literature, music or learning about ecology. During winter and autumn, Solatorium is open for the public during weekends. If you wish to visit it in the summer, you should check out their numerous events!

Whenever in Warsaw and in need of greenery, Jazdów is always a great escape space. Its great atmosphere and people engaged in social activism create one-of-a-kind neighbourhood that is relatively unknown but located only 15 minutes from the Central Railway Station. If you feel like doing something interesting, relaxing and fun, make a trip to the island of peace and quiet in central Warsaw - Jazdów neighbourhood.

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