Discover Poland: an impressive land of plenty

Anna Stepien | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you think the land of plenty does not exist, you have unrepeatable chance to change your mind. Discover Poland, a country located in the heart of Central Europe, that can boast a geographic diversity of 16 regions, which are strictly related to national identity. This seemingly small country is well equipped with impressive seaside resorts in the North, large mountain ranges in the South and wonderful land of thousand lakes hidden in the wild forests.

The Baltic Sea: a common gate for nine countries

Photo © credits to iStock/maniscule

The Baltic Sea as water surrounded by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad Region) and Sweden is a crucial point of transport connection and economic cooperation. The youngest sea on Earth connects the EU and the Russian Federation. Almost 800 km of wonderful and wild coast is the main destination for enthusiasts of health resorts, family trips, summer parties or city breaks.  

Undoubtedly the most important spot on the map is Tricity (Trójmiasto), a metropolitan area of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. Although Tricity is a complex of three different bodies, their culture and daily life overlap and create a perfectly working system. 

The real treasure of northern wild nature is hidden in two national parks. The most popular, Słowiński National Park, protects the pearls of coastal and sand dunes, whereas in the Woliński National Park, you can admire the example of massive cliffs.

Mazuria Province: the land of thousand lakes

Photo © Credits to Mariusz Switulski

“Seaside or mountains?” - at least once in a lifetime Poles encounter such a dilemma. Luckily, the answer is always close at hand – Mazuria! The most charming region of the country is a shelter for lonely sailors, romantic lovers or adventurous cyclists. In contrast to the crowded seaside, getting into the middle of nowhere in Mazuria is a piece of cake. Of course, some places are packed with people, but if the holiday villages do not disturb you, the largest lakes Śniardwy and Mamry should definitely be on the must-see list!

Mountains: keep calm and take a deep breath

Photo © Credits to iStock/blyjak

The most glorified regions in the country are the mountains located in the South. Interestingly, Polish mountaineers are divided into two teams: Tatry and Bieszczady. Tatry, as the highest mountain range, motivates hikers to reach the Crown of Polish Mountains - Rysy - 2499 m (8,199 ft). For some, the power of classic winter or summer sports like skiing, hiking or climbing is not enough. The real shot of adrenaline ensures ski jumping! The results are visible in the last few decades, in which the main and best competitors, for example, Adam Małysz, were born at the foothills of Polish Tatry Mountains.

On the other hand, the Bieszczady Mountains are supposed to be pure heaven for dreamers, escapees and couples fallen in love. Well, that’s why the sentence “Just drop everything and go to Bieszczady!” became culty.

Such a richness and geographic diversity promote the passion for leisure activities during the whole year. If you have a chance to discover Poland even for a few days, do not hesitate – there is always a lot to do in the impressive land of plenty!

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