Visit Montenegro: Cities worth visiting - Part I

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Being a small country, Montenegro can be visited in less than a week. The most beautiful cities are mostly placed on the south, along the coast. In the next two articles I'll give you my brief description of all the cities worth visiting.


Small and cute, Ce[tinje]( is a town situated between Podgorica and Budva. Slopes of Mt Lovcen are surrounding the city. Cetinje was always of a great cultural and historical importance. It is Old Royal Capital and by the locals is called The Valley of the Gods. If you ask me, it is the best place to learn more about our country and old times in Montenegro. You will be surprised how small the city actually is in comparison to how many places there are to visit. Cetinje has many museum and art galleries. It is also the city of young artists who study at the Academy of fine Arts, Music Academy and Acting Faculty.


Bu[dva]( is the most visited town on our coast. It is famous among tourists as well as among youth of Montenegro. It is known for its good nightlife during summer. However, Budva offers something more than just great parties. There is an old town, with its fortress, narrow streets, all built in a Venetian style. It is considered to be one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. The city has a great cultural heritage and numerous cultural and artistic events.

Even though Budva is popular during summer, I find it more attractive during winter. With a lot of sunny days, it's warm and pleasant to stroll around the streets of Old town or simply enjoy a cup of coffee at the beach.


Once called Titograd in honor to Tito - President of Yugoslavia, Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro and the center of all main happenings. Half of the Montenegrin population lives in Podgorica. The town itself doesn’t have much of a historical architecture to be seen since it was bombed few times in the last centuries. There are few monuments left and besides visiting them, time in our capital should be mostly focused on having good time in the city, visiting great restaurants and enjoying interesting and cheap nightlife. In Podgorica, everything can be reached by foot and during the summertime you can choose whether to chill on the river Moraca bank or to take a walk around Gorica hill forest.


My favorite city in Montenegro!! It is charming, it is full of happenings especially during summer, it is the only city in Montenegro where I sometimes feel like I’m in a different country.

The city of Ko[tor]( is an old town with the unique position to the coastline. The town was part of the Venetian republic and you can figure it out by simply observing its architecture or by listening the language and specific accent of the locals. Above Kotor, you can see the remains of San Giovanni fortress, you can climb up by using 1355 stairs and enjoy the most magnificent view on Kotor bay.

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