Visit Montenegro: Cities worth visiting - Part II

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Around Montenegro is easy to travel, and is possible to explore each city just in a day. So, if you are in a hurry and stay here only for a week or less, after the first one, here is the second part of my article which can help you decide which city to visit first. Enjoy!

Old Bar

The specific thing about Ol[d Bar]( is that its fortress is located on the hill, and not in the immediate surroundings of the new modern part, which is the case with all the other old towns on our seaside. The first impression is quite dark and dull, but just few steps inside the walls and the atmosphere changes completely. You can hear ethno music coming from the restaurants, all the cafes are full of people. Everything is live, colorful and joyful. Bar is known for its olive trees, and precisely here you can see the oldest olive tree in Europe.


I never thought of Tivat as of an interesting city. It all changed few years ago when I went hiking to Vrmac, a hill between Kotor and Tivat Bay. That’s when I saw Tivat in its new colors for the first time. A luxury yacht port Porto Montenegro made the city live again and created sort of a romantic atmosphere. Everything is just white and blue with yellowish street-lights looking like the sparkling stars. Tivat has now much more events and is full of cute small bars and cafes where you can sit, relax and inhale the scent of Mediterranean coast.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Ulcinj are its long sandy beaches. 13 km long beach, the longest one in Montenegro got the name by the famous beach in Rio. However, ours is about 3 times longer.

Old town of Ulcinj has its unique charm. Here you can taste the best burek and cevapi on the coast. You can check out the small juvelire shops and simply stroll around. Ada Bojana is another famouse part of Ulcinj. It is perfect for camping and it host many festivals and events. If you ask me the most interesting thing to do in Ulcinj would be visiting the old salt factory which became the natural park for flamingos and spending some time observing these fascinating creatures.

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