Old Bar - a testimony of the Montenegrin tradition

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Would you like to visit an unusual coastal place? A town that hasn't been built by the sea like all the others, but up on the hill just beneath the mountain? A place where the ruins of the old settlements still testify the turbulent history and a spot where you can enjoy some of the cutest cafes and national restaurants? If yes, than this off the beaten path location is something you should not miss!

Stari Bar (Old Bar) was one of the first inhabited places in Montenegro. The town lies on the hill Londsa, at the foot of mount Rumija. It was built on this site mainly for the security and for the ease to defense. However, throughout the centuries it was taken over by many conquerors including the Venetians, the Serbians, the Hungarians and the Ottoman Empire. In 1878 it has again become and since remained part of Montenegro. That's the reason why nowadays, here you can find the remains of buildings of different architecture and influence.

One more advantage of the site's location was access to the fresh drinking water. The water was brought into the town from the north, through the aqueduct dating from the 14th-16th century. In 1878, during the bombing of the town the aqueduct was damaged and 100 years later, in 1979, during a major earthquake, it was destroyed. That's when the residents started moving out to the new city Bar that was built just on the coast.

Today, in Old Bar around 1,800 people live. The narrow street right next to the old fortress is full of small and charming cafes and restaurants. During the summer time, it is the real treat to have a cup of ice coffee or to order some national dish for your lunch, while enjoying the shade of Stari Bar walls. I would recommend you a cute, colorful restaurant Kaldrma where you can taste great food as well as buy olive oil, honey or wine from this region.

If you come to visit Old Bar, make sure not to miss the oldest olive tree in Europe, one of the oldest threes in the world. It's around 2,000 years old and it has been protected by the state law since 1963.

Old Bar is a real testimony of the Montenegrin tradition. It is a place where you will have a feeling of traveling through the different epochs, times and cultures. It is a unique place in Montenegro, in the Balkans and perhaps in the world.

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