Visit Limburg and discover its fascinating history in 5 days

Clara Di Matteo | Live the World

July 4, 2022

There is something special about Limburg: its lush, diverse nature and rich past will transport you far away, making you feel like you’re visiting exotic destinations in one stop, and right back in the Belgian countryside in the next.

Get ready! In this itinerary, we will guide you through the friendliest, greenest province of Flanders and its hidden gems. You’ll feel the sand of the Lommel Sahara under your feet and feel those Italian vibes on your vespa tour in Hoeselt.

You’ll then immerse yourself in history at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren and even get to experience a slice of Japan in the Japanese garden in Hasselt.

To close it off, you’ll get back to the Belgian traditions by visiting the picturesque Herkenrode Abbey.


Day 1 - Sahara Lommel and Winery Aldeneyck

Yes, you read it right. In this very first stop you’ll get the chance to visit…the Sahara! The sand-filled landscape of the Sahara Lommel desert may be in Belgium, but walking through its breathtaking scenery will feel just like visiting the famous African Desert. Explore this natural environment on foot and enjoy the feeling of sand under your feet with stunning sights of clear blue lakes.

Lommel Sahara | Carolien Coenen

After exploring the desert, what’s better than a refreshing glass of wine (or five)? Pay a visit to the vineyards of the Aldeneyck Winery, located in the sunny slopes along the Meuse river. Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, can savour them all in small tasting glasses (5cl) on the sunny wine terrace or in the cosy wine lounge by the fireplace.

Where to Stay in Maasiek:

Budget - Louis

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Mid-range - Anthos

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Luxury - Kasteel Wurfeld

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Day 2 - Genk

It may not be a major capital, but Genk is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in Belgium. You’ll definitely understand why when you visit the C-mine, a former mining site that is a huge part of the industrial cultural heritage of the city. Another spot you can’t miss is Labiomista. This evolving work of art will transport you to a magical world where nature, culture, chaos and art coexist.

C-mine in Genk| Daniel Antal

Finish up your tour by stopping in the Kattevennen forest area and have a cosmic adventure in this part of the Hoge Kempen National Park. In this natural environment you’ll find anything a nature lover would want: pine woods and purple flower fields, large ponds and high peaks offering great views.

Where to Stay in Genk:

Budget - Hotel De Schacht

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Mid-rand - Carbon Hotel

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Luxury - M Hotel

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Day 3 - Vespa tour and Tongeren

Ready for some Italian vibes? Head out to Hoeselt and hop on a vespa! With Vespa Fun you can rent a scooter and join one of their vespa tours. What better way to admire the sunny Haspengouw blossom region in Spring or to see some beautiful Belgian castles? Feel the freedom that only riding through these beautiful landscapes can give you.

Statue of a priestess in the Gallo-Roman museum | TimeTravelRome

But we’re not done with the Italian vibes in this spot.We have something for our history lovers too: Tongeren, the only Roman city in Belgium. In the centre you’ll find the original Roman wall and the Gallo- Roman museum.

Where to Stay in Tongeren:

Budget - vakantiehuisje Vds

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Mid-rand - Boutique Hotel Huys van Steyns

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Luxury - Le petit béguinage

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Day 4 and 5 - Hasselt

The last stop in this itinerary is Hasselt. It’s the capital and largest city of Limburg, so we suggest you take your time to explore it. Start off with the beautiful Japanese Garden: stroll under the cherry blossoms or stop on a bench to find some peace while listening to the flow of the waterfalls. Even though you’re still in Belgium, it will feel just like experiencing a slice of Japan.

Japanese garden in Hasselt | Stephen Gosden

Some other spots you can’t miss are the Art museum Z33, a contemporary art centre that connects art, design and architecture with social themes; and the Jenever Museum, where you can learn a lot about the fascinating history of jenever, a traditional Belgian liqueur that’s often referred to as ‘Dutch gin’. Then, what better way to end your Hasselt tour than a traditional Belgian Abbey? The stunning nature and historic buildings of Herkenrode Abbey (more than 800 years old!) on the outskirts of the city are the perfect cherry on top to end this itinerary.

Where to Stay in Hasselt:

Budget - B&B Het Zummerheem

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Mid-rand - B&B Le Refuge

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Luxury - HasHotel

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Map of Limburg in Belgium

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