Universitat Barcelona - Skateboarding spot investigation

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Universitat is one if the notorious skateboarding spots in Barcelona. The other notorious skateboarding spots are MACBA, Paral-lel, Marbella skatepark, Fondo plaza, and Sants station.

What skaters do here

People skate the ledges here. They are big and black, and you need to have real skills to handle them. You won't see a lot of kids coming to skate here.

A simple choice

It’s a very simple spot. A skater here told me this is the reason it is so famous. It doesn’t complicate things too much in your head. For example, when you enter a skatepark there is so much to skate on, so, choosing only one thing is a real problem. It’s like going to the candy store and trying to choose the few essential candies that you need. For an actual candy store, have a look at ''Happy Pills Barcelona''. There’s an immediate regret after you choose. At Universitat it is simple. You skate flat ground and ledges. That is all. It is like Zlata’s story about ''Gjomleze''. Very basic food** with super proper quality.

People use the marble artwork for resting their butt

On the ledges, people come to sit constantly. They come and go all the time. In one second you are ready to backside tailslide the ledge and then when you turn your head a second after there is a person eating a sandwich there. It is changing constantly. This is how it has always been. That's I’m told by a local skateboarder here. Come early in the morning or late in the night to have more peace and fewer people.

Skateboarders change and adapts

Besides from these trivial challenges that make our heads more difficult to deal with, life is change, and so is the availability to skate the ledges. For this reason, the skaters begin to skate the fence next to the road. There is a rail there. It is pretty dangerous. If you lose your board on the road you have to get a new one.

The types of tricks that is done here

The skaters here does a lot of wallies on the ledges here these days. That is because it is trendy to do wallies and it is also very practical to do since you only need the beginning of the ledge. That is a good interplay of the opposing force with the pedestrians who takes up most of the space of these marble bricks that skateboarders are so fascinated with for some reason. Myself included.

Other objects to skate on

There are some palm trees around that you can also do tricks on. It is not common but it’s an option if you don’t want to deal with people. If you accidentally hit a pedestrian with your skateboard, you can consider that a thing to skate. A person becomes objectified and you skate on them. These things happen very rarely. You would expect that with so many people that there would be more accidents. If that were true, then the skateboarders would already be kicked out by the police for life from the streets. There's a circle of life that prevents this from happening.

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