Paral-lel: the Barcelona skatepark

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

This place has been seen in so many skate videos. Maybe all the major skate videos of the last 15 years. It has a yellow pavement and manual pads and some ledges. That was before it was turned into a skatepark. It is no longer the skate spot that everyone loved. Its located in Barcelona, Catalunia, Spain. It has been moved 50 meters away and it’s considered a tragic loss. It still has the same things except that the ledges are higher than before. They have a mini ledge option also.

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The scene

This place is very central and has a lot of shops with food and stuff around. Skateboard places like Paral-lel are closely linked to other forms of Urban art. Here you find graffiti artists, people who play Bunga Bunga music, jugglers, photographers, and break dancers. We don’t talk to each other, but we are located in the same place. We don’t talk to each other because we like to focus on our own thing. We skate, we don’t do graffiti when we are outside to skate. It’s something in this line of reasoning.

Pedestrians benefits

It’s easier for pedestrians this way. Because there is space for pedestrians to walk by without fear of getting a skateboard in their Achilles heel. It looks more like a skatepark now, a street-like skatepark. It’s the feeling when you are very used to Mama Ruth's coffee in the morning for 10 years and then comes the government and takes away Mama Ruth and gives you Mama Britts coffee instead. For a lot of the locals, this was though. It was rough for Sour skateboards from Scandinavia which is located in Barcelona. They were obsessed with this place.

Skateboarders adapt to their environment

Skateboarders are known for adapting to our environment. People are still coming to this place in a huge amount. It’s still a very good place, just a different place.

Here is the new version of Paral-lel:

Here is the old version of Paral-lel:

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