Two unique galleries in Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As a continuation to my previous article “Art at its best in Armenia”, I am going to tell you about two unique galleries in Yerevan that all art lovers would love to visit. In this country, you can find the artists who represent extremely different but, at the same time, creative works. The list of such places is really huge, and it’s rather complicate to choose the right ones. In this regard, I would advise you not to miss two of them in Yerevan.

Arev Art Gallery

Arev Art Gallery is relatively new in the Yerevan, but it became a much-liked place very quickly, where a creativity, the colors and feelings meet in the form of contemporary paintings. As Arev Petrosyan, an artist to whom this establishment belongs to, says "it is a novel about nature, her body and soul". The gallery is located in the center of Yerevan, on one of its nicest streets "Teryan". Inside, one can find small and huge, bright and not so bright pictures, that all perfectly fit a very well designed interior as well as sculptures. In order you not to be in rush, they also put a couple of chairs in the middle of the halls, so one can sit there as long as he/she wants to examine the paintings deeply and enjoy the positive atmosphere present there. This place became one of the much-visited galleries both for the locals and travelers. Here you can also buy unique handmade jewelries.

picture © credits to Arev Art Gallery

Dalan Art gallery

Dalan Art Gallery is also located in the center of Yerevan. I can even say that it became kind of a touristic site, as it is among those places that represent the old Yerevan architecture and lifestyle. Under the gallery, you can find a tea house, as well as a souvenir shop where you can buy traditional souvenirs and presents for your family and friends. Should you pass through the souvenir shop to its backyard, you will get to a nice, hidden old Yerevan style garden. An open-air cafe here offers you traditional sweets & food. From the yard, you can get inside the building, where a traditional restaurant is situated. Time to time, it hosts traditional/folk bands. By the restaurant, right in the same building, is placed Dalan Art Gallery where the temporary exhibitions are organized by random artists. The entrance is usually free. So, do not miss a chance to stop by. I promise, the atmosphere at the souvenir shop, open-air cafe, restaurant and gallery will make you like this spot very much.

picture © credits to Dalan Art Gallery

I do hope that my article will inspire you to visit those two unique galleries in Yerevan, my favorite creative spots for cultural explorations in Armenia. In my next article, I will tell you about the National Gallery of Armenia and Saryan House-Museum, that represent Armenia and it's culture through artworks.

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