Art at its best in Armenia

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Armenia is one of those countries where you can find the galleries as well as permanent or temporary exhibitions representing art at its best. Exploring the art sites is a good way to make your day more beautiful and colorful. It fills not only your day but also your soul with some positive vibes and heartwarming emotions. This article is to guide you through the most interesting as well as the brightest galleries of Armenia, where you can spend not only nice time but also gain a bunch of information enriching your perception of art in its various manifestations.

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Cafesjian Center for the Arts is one of those centers where you can find the pieces of contemporary art collected from all over the world by a collector Gerard Cafesjian. It opened its doors in 2009. Paintings, sculptures and art installations represented here belong to the worldwide well-known artists among them Fernando Botero, Barry Flanagan, Maylee Christie, Peter Woytuk and many others. Besides the artworks under the roof of the center, there are also numerous sculptures placed beyond its walls, making the surrounding area more enjoyable. You can learn more about the center and its activities from my article titled as Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

Ervand Kochar Museum

Ervand Kochar was the founder of painting in space and wax paints. In the museum named after him, you can find modern artworks that are represented through avant-garde paintings and portraits. Paintings that decorate the walls of the museum have mesmerizing power and those who can “read” art will definitely value each presented work. In the museum, you can also find small sculptures made by Kochar, but besides the small models available, there are also the sculptures that decorate well-known squares and streets of Yerevan, among which the most famous one is "David of Sasun", a hero from the Armenian “epos”.

Picture credits © ChamilleWhite

Galentz Museum

Galentz museum is named after a famous Armenian painter Haroutin Galentz. The artworks represented there are the vivid examples of freedom of mind while living under the Soviet Regime. In the museum, there are also the exhibitions representing Armen and Saro Galentz's works, as well as Haroutin wife’s works, particularly the paintings, graphics, and sketches. From time to time, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of guest artists.

Picture credits © ChamilleWhite

All the above-mentioned places are located in the city center and are easily accessible. I hope that, after having a look at the official websites of this establishments, you will include those in your must-visit list. Armenia gave birth to many talented artists with its valuabe works and the art lovers who established many museums and galleries, where one can enjoy art at its best.

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