Turn veggie in Budapest: the best restaurants

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If someone is vegetarian, the most frequently asked question at lunchtime is where and what to eat. In case you are ignoring all animal-derived ingredients, being vegan, this issue is even more complicated. Vegan lifestyle has spread over the last few years with more and more people choosing this type of dining. In the following article, I will show you the four best restaurants in Budapest, where you can do nothing else but turn veggie.

Vegan Love

Fast, alimentary, exciting – Vegan Love, located in the Bartók Béla street, is very popular in its area. There are eight types of hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches on the menu, but also various types of garnishes, such as sweet potato, soy scone and fried onion - which is my personal favourite. I also love the self-serving salad bar and the fact that I don't even have to move (if I am in that mood), when I fancy having something green: Vegan Love has a home-delivery service since February 2018, in certain districts of Budapest.

Photo © credit to Balkányi László / We Love Budapest

Martjoska Kroshka

One of the most interesting recent revolutions in the culinary life of the capital is related to 2018, as a half Hungarian, half Russian Natasa Juhász - a popular figure of the Hungarian gastronomy _ announced that she would go vegan and never ever drink vodka again. She didn't wait for long to create a vegetarian-vegan restaurant called Matrjoska Koshka, located in Kálvin Square. The same quality that her admirers and fans got used to, only in meat-free/vegan version. On a daily basis, there are always two kinds of soup, burgers (we can combine the scone with hamburger buns), roasted vegetables, salads, and every Tuesday, there is something special, like meatless Russian pelmeni or vegan sushi.

Photo © credit to Hirling Bálint / We Love Budapest

Fill Good

The no.1 bakery of Hollán Ernő Street is a true heaven for those who follow a vegan lifestyle. You can have pastries, including zucchini patties, rustic pizzas made in Roman mode. The bean version of the re-thought spring roll is my all time favourite, but the poppy-banana cake which is made without additives and animal ingredients (milk, eggs) is also ridiculously delicious. Environmental awareness is also an important aspect for Fill Good bakery: the waste is collected selectively, and they mostly use domestic raw materials.

Photo © credit to Hartyányi Norbert / We Love Budapest

Great Bistro

Only vegan and gluten-free meals are served in Great Bistro, which is owned by a vegan lifestyle advisor and her husband. In fact, they do their best to bring you Thai, French, Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, Persian, African, and Mexican cuisine without using any ingredients with animal origin. Breakfasts, daily-changing menus and gourmet à la carte dinners are also offered with amazingly imaginative solutions.

Photo © credit to Hartyányi Norbert / We Love Budapest

Well, I am ending my list for now. All in all, it can be really challenging to find the best restaurant, or many times only a single place to eat at. Especially, if you are a vegetarian and even harder if you don't eat anything with animal origin. I hope after you have read this article, I managed to arouse your interest, and you'll give one of the best restaurants in Budapest a go. Watch out though! Even if you are a keen meat-lover, you can easily turn veggie at these superb places. May my closing remark be that try to choose ahead of time: I guess you don't want to bring the animal out of you, when hungry!

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