Tropical Island Getaway in Germany!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In a massive hangar that was built for construction of cargo airships, Tropical Islands Resort is located on the Berlin-Prague highway in Brandenburg. This huge resort offers lot's of activities and even more fun, so if you are looking for a unique experience and if you love tropical islands, don't forget to check out this winter sun getaway resort with rainforests, amazing waterfalls, spa facilities, lagoon-style pool in Germany!

The first thing to experience is ,of course, the Tropical Sea at Tropical Islands! The swimming pool has the size of three Olympic swimming pools and the water is 28 °C which makes it perfect for the tropical vibes! You can not only enjoy this 200 meters long sea but also you can build your sandcastles on** the sandy beach under the palm trees! Sounds like a perfect plan right?! But wait there is more! You can also sunbath, dive, have a diving lesson and explore the boat named "Princes Moanna" in this Tropical Sea **complex.

If you are looking for more warmer experience, you can dip in the 32 °C water in the Magical Lagoon! In here, you can get to enjoy the sand, calming palm trees, amazing waterfalls, fun waterslides and relaxing whirlpools! It has also a romantic atmosphere after the sunset. :)

In here not only the Lagoon has waterslides! Tropical Islands offers you a family fun time with its 27 meter high waterslide tower, lots of different waterslides and a high-speed turbo slide reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h!

This massive complex also has a *real* rainforest! This 10,000 m² place has 50,000 plants of 600 different varieties and hosts lots of animals such as turtles, flamingos, macaws, peacocks, pheasants and many more. This natural biotope also has cute beetles and cockroaches to sustain the natural ecological environment and please note that all the animals in here are wild, so you shouldn't be feeding, touching and disturbing them. Another tip: in this rainforest, there is a hidden treasure box. :)

Germany is known for its cold and wet weather but in summer, you can enjoy the outdoor area of Tropical Islands "AMAZONIA". This 35.000 square meters area is full of fun and activities. You can not only enjoy the sun but also you can enjoy the 250 meters long Whitewater River pool while gazing into nature.

After swimming and attending lot's of fun activities, it is time to relax in Europe's Biggest Tropical Sauna & Spa Complex! At the edge of the rainforest, you can enjoy the sauna and spa facilities in the ancient temples while listening to the relaxing sound of nature. Plus, you can enjoy more saunas and steam baths in the wooden Jungle Village in here!

In Tropical Islands, you can also play mini golf, shop for clothes, books, candy and many more! But another most exciting experience to have in here is the cruise with a tethered or free-floating balloon. You can gaze the whole park after the balloon rises up to 60 meters!

For food, the complex has 13 different restaurants for every taste. If you want to stay the night, you can relax in suites, have a wonderful time in lodges or have an adventure in the many cute tents of Tropical Islands Resort!

This amazing resort is just 60 km away from Berlin! It is known that Berlin is one of the most popular cities in the whole of Europe and definitely worth a visit. There are lot's of unusual things to in Berlin too! So if you are visiting Berlin, this gorgeous city with full of activities offers you the best traveling experience!

So if you want to have a tropical getaway in Europe, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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