Top 5 Unusual Things to Do in Berlin!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When it comes to Berlin, nothing is usual and boring. In every corner, you can find things that very interesting and cool. With its street art, fascinating culture, monuments that have witnessed history and world famous museums, Berlin is a definitely worth visit city! But a true Berlin experience isn't just all that. If you want to explore one of the most coolest and unusual city on earth, here is your guide!

The Monster Kabinett is a warehouse covered with clanking metal sculptures, strange art and costumed revelers, massive robotic creatures and many more fun/creepy things! It is literally a wonderland -since you will be wonder why you are here- but wait till their famous show each Thursday and Friday night to ask yourself that question, because on that two night everyone who visits The Monster Kabinett will see what nightmares are made of. Prepare yourself to meet skittering robots, weird sculptures and even more weird actors who look like they are out of a horror movie!

Liquidrom is a futuristic spa which looks like it is out of a science fiction novel! It is a place where you can enjoy various of saunas and baths and more but the most interesting part of this facility is the the large salt water floating pool! In this pool you can get to zone out with multi-colored lights and music that you can even hear from underwater!

It's time for nature! If you think, "enough for this freakiness" its time to go back to the green side of Berlin. Berlin is rich with gardens and public parks but if you want to see all type of gardens in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East you have to check out Gärten der Welt aka Gardens of the World! Among the Soviet-style buildings in East Berlin, you can find 21-hectare internationally themed garden park. You can also lost yourself in a labyrinth or explore many gardens such as; The Chinese Garden (Garten des wiedergewonnenen Mondes), Japanese Garden (Garten des zusammenfließenden Wassers.), the Arabian-themed Oriental Gardens (Garten der vier Ströme), the Korean Garden (Seouler Garten) and lastly the Christian Garden (Raum der Sprache und des Wortes) covered with a golden cage-like structure comprised of Biblical verses!

And lastly, food time! If you want to hush your growling stomach with the best food and also feed your inner freak, I have two options for you.

If you want to wine and dine in a fancy restaurant accompanied by operatic performances, you have to check out the Hall of Mirrors in Clärchens Ballhaus! Clärchens Ballhaus was a dancing venue dated back in 1913 which has a beautiful mirrored ballroom called Spiegelsaal. Sadly, a huge part of the building was badly damaged in World War II, you can still see the bullet holes or destroyed ceiling by Allied bombing. Most of the building was rebuilt and today you can eat a delicious meal while listening jazz and classical chamber concerts in this gorgeous and luxurious ballroom!

If you feel like "meh I just want to eat a juicy burger", then you have to check out the Burgermeister which was a train station bathroom but today it serves the best burgers! And no it's not ew, trust me it is clean and all you have to do is take a ticket from a counter and wait with the other drunk customers. :) The burgers and fries in here are so popular, it even has been praised by several critics. Not only that, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of Oberbaumbrücke and the skyline of Berlin from here!

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