Travel back in time in Kakopetria, Cyprus

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Cyprus is famous for the quality of life that offers to its residents, as well as its visitors. It is a destination that can be visited 365 days per year. Its climate is simply perfect, making it a destination that always provides a variety of options. 

If you're looking for a quick trip to avoid the hot summer days, Kakopetria is the place to be. Kakopetria is a village located in the middle of everything- Pafos, Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaca can all be found around. You just need an hour drive to reach this amazing, picturesque village. Below you can find what is worth seeing and doing while in Kakopetria.

The rock of Androgynou

This rock is located at the entrance of the Old Kakopetria. While driving to the village, you can distinguish a big rock debouching from the road. It is the rock of Androgynou. "Androgyno" in Greek means "man and wife (couple)." There are many versions explaining the name of this rock. The most popular legend says that this rock fell from the mountain and engulfed a newly married couple. Actually, the name of the village seems to be based on this legend. Kakopetria is translated as the "bad rock";  bad, from the Greek word kakos, and rock, from the Greek word petra. And this is how the village got its name.

The watermills of Kakopetria

In this place, you can discover both the cultural and historical side of the village. You can see all the machinery that has been used in the past to produce flour. You will be impressed by the large millstones. One of the two watermills has been restored to allow you to observe their operation and travel you back in time. Unfortunately, the second millstone was demolished years ago, so no one has nowadays the opportunity to see it.

The museum of "Linos" and "Eliomilos"

Two museums are located in that village. The museums of "Linos" and "Eliomilos." At the museum of Linos, you can learn how the locals used to produce wine, bread, and olive oil. They offer visitors photographic material and films that guarantee a small trip back in those times.

© iStock/trabantos

The museum of Eliomilos is located only a few meters away from Linos museum and can be found in the yard of the Transfiguration Church of the Savior. There you can admire the old traditional olive mill along with many other exhibits, that were used by the locals to extract oil. An important tradition among the locals was that when a producer finished with the extraction of oil, he had to bake bread, which he later distributed and shared with the rest of the village. Everyone in the village was taking part in the process of extraction. As a result, the bread was their reward for all the hard work. 

Klarios river

In Kakopetria's old town, inside the dense vegetation that encircles the city, you can hear the gurgling water of Klarios river. The river starts from the pick of Troodos Mountain and comes down, passing through the village, creating an impressive, natural picture . It is worth visiting it, as you will have the opportunity to come closer to nature and admire this picturesque site.

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So after a long day visiting all these amazing places mentioned above, you should be definitely starving. Of course, you shouldn´t leave such a place without tasting its traditional cuisine. Various restaurants and tavernas can please your taste. They offer traditional meze of Cyprus. We recommend you to taste, pastrami, halloumi, sausage, souvlaki, seftalia, mushrooms, and many other dishes. Of course, don't forget to order a Cypriot wine or Zivania. Enjoy!

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