Top 5 free activities in Stockholm

Maria Lundin Osvalds | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A visit to a big city can be an expensive experience. That is why we have put together the top five free activities to do in Stockholm!

Stockholm attracts a variety of travellers from all over the world. However, compared to other big cities, Stockholm is not the cheapest destination for a holiday. However, there are plenty of free activities to do in the Swedish capital.

1) Visit a museum

Stockholm is a great destination for those interested in culture, history, and art. Several museums in Stockholm are free of charge (though some temporary exhibitions often demand a ticket). These include the National Museum, the Historical Museum, and the Modern Museum of Art.


The National Museum exhibits paintings, sculptures, design, applied & graphic art from the Middle Ages to the modern-day. The Historic Museum is perfect for those interested in Swedish archaeology and cultural history. The museums’ exhibitions have collections from the Mesolithic period to the present day. For those interested in modern art, a visit to the Museum of Modern Art is recommended. The museum exhibits 20th-century and contemporary art collections.

2) Experience Swedish nature

One of Stockholm's unique features is how the city is intertwined with nature. Stockholm is surrounded by water, and the central part of the town stretches over several islands. Parks and other green areas make up around 40 percent of the whole city (including suburbs). During lunchtime in spring, summer, and early autumn, you will see the locals sitting down for lunch in one of their favorite parks.

There are also several great Nature Reserves in Stockholm. Two of the most famous ones are the *Nacka Nature Reserve and Ty[resta Nature Reserve.](* Both are accessible by either bus or the subway.

Free outdoor seasonal activities:

The city has plenty of seasonal actives to offer. As the weather changes from ice and snow in winter to around 24 degrees in summer, these outdoor activities change depending on the season.

3) Ice skating

During winter, ice skating is popular among both tourists and locals. There are several prepared outdoor ice rinks in the city. Östermalms IP is one of the largest ones. Ice skating is free, but you have to bring your own skates or rent at a cheap price.


4) Go to a beach

Stockholm is a great summer city. Surrounded by water, locals and tourists often fill the many beaches in the town. 

5) Parkteatern - outdoor theatre

There are plenty of cultural activities, such as outdoor theatre arranged free of charge by the city. A popular one is Parkteatern, located in the beautiful park Galärparken. Stockholm thus has plenty to offer, and it is no wonder that the city attracts a variety of travellers.

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