Top 5 Delhi street foods to die for

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Delhi's street foods are to die for. Every street/nook/alley offers yummy and affordable food options for different types of foodies. Delhiites love their street food, and you will love it too. If you are visiting India's capital city Delhi for the first time, try opting for a guided walking tour as Delhi streets can get quite overwhelming for newcomers. Once you are comfortable with the streets, you will love roaming around and picking your favourite street food and enjoying it. Come and explore top 5 Delhi street foods to die for. 


Your trip to Delhi is incomplete if you do not eat 5-10 golgappas here. Made of semolina or wheat flour, these fried puffballs are usually filled with chickpeas, black grams, boiled potatoes and some tangy water (a mixture of mint, tamarind, and spices). Any shop or street vendor would offer 5-8 golgappas pieces per plate, prices of which may vary depending on the location. Golgappas are quite tasty and crunchy. They can be eaten as an evening snack. We recommend eating from an appropriate shop and not any street-side vendor to avoid Delhi belly syndrome. Also, do not forget to ask your vendor to keep away strong spices. North Indians love spicy fare, which might not go well with palates of foreign travellers. Be specific whenever you place your order. 

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Aloo Tikki/ Aloo Chaat

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Delhi is a heaven for all sorts of comfort foods, which is one of the many reasons why I adore it so much. Whenever you visit Delhi, please give soft and soothing aloo tikkis (potato patties) a shot. Aloo tikkis are boiled potatoes put together as a round flattened ball, which is filled with legumes or dry fruits and then deep-fried. Once fried and set in a plate, tikkis are laden with sweet tamarind sauce, appetizing mint sauce, curd, boiled potatoes, and coriander leaves for a refreshing taste. A much sort-after street food, which is available in a wide variety of variants in Delhi.  

Furthermore, another variant of aloo tikki is the humble aloo chaat. A plate of aloo chat is simply boiled potatoes fried till they become crunchy and later Indian spices are sprinkled all over it. It's non-spicy and very high on taste — a favourite amongst college going students and exhausted office-goers. The meal is an instant mood-lifter but must be consumed with caution to avoid adding unnecessary inches to the waist. However, once in a while, binge eating has never hurt anyone, so try this yummy street food for sure in Delhi. 

Dahi Vada

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Another popular street food or snack in Delhi is dahi vada, which simply means fried cutlets made out of soaked lentils. These cutlets are served with yoghurt, sweet and tangy sauces. This concoction is so delicious and popular that it is also served on several special occasions such as weddings and birthdays in North Delhi. In other words, Delhites love their dahi vadas a lot. You too will love them. So, whenever you plan to eat these vadas in Delhi, tell the shopkeeper, to not add any red or green chillies. The snack is quite filling, nutritious and yummy. So next time you visit Delhi, add dahi vadas to your must-try food list. 

Chole Bhature

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Pipping hot chole bhaturas are hot and fiery on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside. Fried bhaturas are made out of white flour served along with chickpea curry that is flavoured with spices and herbs. The meal is served with onion rings and mint/ coriander sauce, which makes it a favourite of many Delhiites. At a few places, bhaturas are inflated like big round balls, which just adds to the experience of relishing this wholesome Punjabi meal

Kachori and Aloo Sabzi

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If you love crunchy and savoury fare, then kachori and aloo sabzi (potato curry) is your go-to meal. Rich in flavours, this combo is a complete meal in itself, which can also be eaten as breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. We suggest you eat the snack on an empty stomach or when you are very hungry. The snack is very satiating and can be quite spicy. Ask the shopkeeper to serve non-spicy fare or add yoghurt to bring mild flavours to your meal

So if you wish to tantalize your taste buds, Delhi must be on your to-visit list. The city offers never-ending yummy food choices, so come as soon as possible. Visit Delhi and relish top 5 street foods to die for with your loved ones. Delhi's flavours are hard to find elsewhere in any part of the world; so you must plan a visit to Delhi, sometime soon. 

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