Top 4 touristic destinations to visit during winter in Albania

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Winter may not offer the warmth of summer days but it surely offers an amazing white tourism for everyone. So, if you think that during winter in Albania you would have nothing to do and you would be stuck at home, you are wrong. Let me suggest you top 4 touristic destinations to visit during winter in Albania.

1. Voskopoja

Voskopoja is a small village located in Korca district in northeast. In this time of the year, Voskopoja is covered in snow and for this reason lots of albanians and tourists choose to go there to enjoy all kinds of activities of white tourism. The village offers a picturesque landscape, surrounded by high hills and forests. Also, there are several hotels and guesthouses available for everyone and don't miss the chance to try some albanian dishes because Voskopoja it's very famous for the culinary.

©Akamedia Hotel Voskopoje


2. Razma

Razma is situated about 41 km away from Shkodra. To get there you should pass through Koplik town and you can pass with vans or cars through the narrow and very mountainous road. The village offers an alpine climate and and it's perfect for skiing and mountain alpinism. Razma it's a very popular touristic destination and a lot of improvements took place during the years to create the right infrastructure. There are about 50 alpine villas, guesthouses and some luxury hotels. Also, at Razma you can find different restaurants and shops where you can try the traditional cuisine or buy local products.

©Agrafka Geografka

Picture © Credits to Agrafka Geografka

3. Dardha

Doesen't matter what season of the year, Dardha touristic village is always full of visitors but Winter seems to be the favorite time to go there. The village is situated 20 km southeast of Korca and it offers such a magnificient nature that combined with the locals culture and hospitality makes the perfect place to go. Skiing, relaxing for a few days and trying all kinds of food from this area are some of the favourite things to do for almost everyone. There's something about this place that makes you feel in peace and calm and that's why I suggest this place for all those people that just want a place to relax. Also, Dardha has lots of places you can stay for very reasonable prices.


4. Vermosh

Vermosh is located in the Kelmend district of Northern Albania, 59 miles away from Shkodra and part of "The Accursed Mountains". This village is surrounded by such an artistic nature and mythical atmosphere. The majority of tourists go there for a mountanious experience and winter activities, while enjoying the unique alpine guest houses and stays. Snow in Vermosh lasts about 100 days per year. Don't forget to try the traditional cuisine,it's a must!


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