Top 3 souvenirs to bring home from Ukraine

Marusia Bilous | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I have written a lot of stories about interesting hidden gems of Uk[raine]( You already know that Ukrainians are hospitable people with many authentic cultural features. Among other things, we have a rich history and original and delicious cuisine. Our people are very fond of the traditions that we pass on from generation to generation. It is only natural that I want to pay special attention to traditional Ukrainian souvenirs, things that you may want to buy and bring home. So let us learn about three original things to bring home to remind you of your Ukrainian adventure.

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Vyshyvanka - the national symbol that preserves Ukrainian identity

Vyshyvanka is an element of Ukrainian national clothing. It is a shirt with unique embroidery elements. For Ukrainians, Vyshyvanka is not only an element of clothing. It is something very special: something personal, native, and even sacred - a symbol that preserves Ukrainian roots and cultural identity. This is a mix of our history, mythology, religion with the ancient art of ancestors, and the soul of our nation. Some go as far as stating that our genetic code encrypts in Vyshyvanka. The tradition of Vyshyvanka passes down from generation to generation, like not only as wearing the ready-made product but also the ability to create them. Each area, sometimes even a small village, had its unique embroidery techniques. The embroidery could determine the status and origin of the owner. We even have a national holiday – Vyshyvanka`s Day. Besides, if you are lucky enough to come to Ukraine for Christmas or Easter, you will be pleasantly surprised, because almost every Ukrainian has Vyshyvanka in his wardrobe and wears it on these special holidays.

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Pottery - the traditional Ukrainian craft

Earthenware is another centuries-old tradition of the Ukrainian nation. Pottery is an ancient craft that relates to the traditional artistic culture of Ukraine. Today, there are many places where every child and adult can make a clay plate, a vase or any other utensil on their own. Moreover, earthenware is a modern trend. Many Ukrainian brands produce both traditional and designer earthenware. As for me, every tourist must be familiar with our pottery tradition, because through the knowledge of national crafts you will be able to understand the peculiarities of our people.

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Motanka-doll the unique handmade doll

Motanka-doll is not some kind of plastic toy. I am sure that such a doll your children did not have yet. Motanka-doll is an ancient family charm of Ukrainians. These dolls represent the bond of family ties of generations. The name of the doll - "motanka" comes from the concept of "reel", and the general appearance of such a doll is a figure of a person, usually a woman or a child, made of pieces of cloth. Knots joined the body parts of such a doll. Each such a doll is a unique work of art.

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I told you about the top 3 souvenirs to bring home from Ukraine, which you need to buy while in Ukraine. If you visit our capital - Ky[iv](, you can buy national souvenirs at Andriivski Descent - there you will see a completely alternative bazaar along the street. Besides, in the centre of Kyiv on Khreschatyk Street, there are two big markets with exclusively Ukrainian products"Vsi Svoi" and "Folkmart". If you are in Lviv, then you should visit the Souvenir Fair - Vernissage or stroll through the Rynok Square where you will find many interesting souvenir shops.

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