Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, the heart and soul of Ukraine

Marusia Bilous | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Each country has a place that symbolizes its history and vision. When we talk about Times Square, we think about the USA. When we talk about St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) we definitely mean Venice and Italy. There are a lot of such examples, and Ukraine is not an exception. Today, I want to share with you a story about one of the most dramatic places in Ukraine. The site, which is a symbol of human's will; a symbol of democracy and honor. This article is about the main square in KyivMaidan Nezalezhnosti (lit. the Independence Square). Without any exaggeration, Maidan Nezalezhnosti can be considered as the heart and soul not only of the capital but the whole of Ukraine.

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti - the symbol of dignity and honor 

I don't want to tell you the history of the emergence of Maidan or talk about historical chronicles of the main square of the capital. I want to share with you the significant events, through which this place became an integral part of the history of Ukraine, the symbol of democracy, and the manifestation of people's will. During all the years of Ukraine's independence, Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square was the epicenter of all important events and celebrations. People always gathered on the square in the most dramatic moments of the formation of our statehood. So one of the most significant peaceful revolutions - the Orange Revolution took place on the Maidan Square in 2004. Thousands of people came to the central square to protect their constitutional rights. Then, idealistically, we thought that we would no longer need to go outside and defend our rights through mass protests. We were wrong.

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In 2013, a peaceful rally was held on the Independence Square. The rally was the result of dissatisfaction of the people with a chosen direction of further development of the country. Progressive Ukrainian youth has expressed a desire to develop a course towards European values. The rally ended with horrible executions of people who expressed their opinions and opposed the tyranny of the power. People's protest has ended. The regime has changed through democratic elections. And the events of the winter of 2013-14 have a special place in history called the Revolution of Dignity. Today, the Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square itself** can be considered a memorial. The Heroes of Heavenly Hundred are reminiscent of the horrible events of 2013-2014 (many people were shot at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square**).

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A popular meeting point

Despite the sad and dramatic history of the main square of the country, Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square is a wonderful and exciting site, where it is a pleasure to stroll around. In the center of the square is the Іndependence Monument - a tall statue of a young woman in a dress, standing on the globe and holding a branch. During the day, city dwellers and their guests can enjoy a beautiful view of fountains, and in the evening, they can spectate an incredible musical light show. Another modern decoration of the square is an impressive monument of several lanterns - a work of avant-garde art, where couples appoint a date to each other. This square is an ideal place for shopping lovers, since, under Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, there is one of the largest shopping centers in the city - Globus Shopping Center. There is also a fountain monument devoted to the founders of the glorious city of Kyiv - the figures of three brothers Kyi, Schek, and Horyv, and their sister Lybid. Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square is the heart and soul of the capital of Ukraine. Be sure to visit this iconic area, because it is a great way to experience the essence of Kyiv and the whole of Ukraine.    

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