Top 3 locations for a romantic photoshoot in Lviv

Marusia Bilous | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lviv -** I'm ready to talk about this city for hours. I have referred to it several times in my stories. I spoke of an opera that is known throughout Europe, gastronomic attractions, themed cafes and restaurants. I even wrote about the old cemetery. If you come to Lviv with your loved one and want to find good locations for taking photos, then don't rely on Google - better ask a professional photographer. This is why I turned to my good friend, a leading Lviv photographer - Roman Zhuk, who shared with me his top 3 locations for romantic photoshoots **for couples. So, let's look at the city through the photographer's eyes.

© / Roman Zhuk

St. George's Cathedral - the place where hearts are united

The first place goes to St. George's Cathedral.  It is the most beautiful baroque temple in Lviv. If you want to see how European Baroque should look like just visit this place. A grandeur, pathos and riches - this is how I can describe this place. The cathedral is harmoniously located on a high hill. This arrangement only emphasises the grandeur of the temple. Each young couple dreams of getting married here. Even if a couple is not married in this temple, the newlyweds often come here for a romantic photoshoot. As for me, there is no more harmonious combination than a couple in love and beautiful views of this temple. This place is designed to unite hearts.

© / Roman Zhuk

The Botanical Garden - love hugged by nature

If you want to make an unforgettable photo shoot amidst the incredible beauty of nature, it is not necessary to travel far out of town. There are many charming parks in Lviv where you can take pictures, but special attention is paid to Lviv University Botanical Garden. This botanical garden belongs to the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. It is one of the oldest gardens in Ukraine and Eastern Europe that was founded in 1852. It has a long history and an extremely rich collection of plants. The garden is located on two sites within the city limits of Lviv (Cyril and Methodius St, 4 and  Cheremshiny St, 44). You can get here on an open day or by appointment and will have to pay around 30 euros per hour of shooting. Believe me - it's worth it. It is nice here both in the spring and in the summer, and you have the opportunity to make unforgettable photos during the golden autumn.

© / Roman Zhuk

Kavalier Boutique Hotel is a modern location for luxury shooting

You may be surprised at the last location because it is not the historic city centre or the famous castle. However, many newlyweds, or just couples in love, go to do their photoshoots at the Kavalier Boutique Hotel. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and unforgettable historical places. An only 5-minute drive from the city centre and you find yourself in the green luxury of Demolition Park. There you will be transported to the 19th century, a time of romance and love of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his charming wife, Elizabeth Bavaria. This location combines beautiful nature, sophisticated classics and modernity. The cost of a photo shoot on site is about 60 euros. This is how the top 3 locations for a romantic photoshoot look like in the eyes of a Lviv photographer. Of course, it is not necessary to limit yourself to these locations; we will continue to discover the beautiful city of Lviv.

© / Roman Zhuk

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