Time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Part 2

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are a winter sports lover and searching for last minute snowy adventure, wouldn’t you like to discover a country that is the best alternative to expensive mass winter resorts? A country without the rush of tourists and offering the best-budget winter activities in Europe? A place where winter hiking is at its best. Whether you pick Mt Jahorina, Mt Bjelašnica, Mr Trebević or Mt Visočica, one thing is sure – you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking trails. No need to think twice because the time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina is now.

Good footwear & intermediate fitness level

Only two preconditions must be met: a good footwear for walking over the snow and an intermediate level of fitness. Basically, snowshoeing is like floating on the snow. Thanks to the special footwear that spreads your weight over the larger surface, you will not sink into the snow. When it comes to fitness level, one must be in a good physical condition because these snowshoe hikes are 4-5 hours long and pretty tiring. But do not worry, after these adventures you will indulge in the traditional local gastronomy.

Contemplate mighty peaks

Some of the best snowshoeing paths are in the mountains around Sarajevo, the capital city. So, if you happen to be there or in lovely Mostar, you can easily plan one or more days of winter hiking. Most of the trails will guide you through the village of Lukomir, the highest permanent settlement in Bosnia & Herzegovina (1,500 m) and mesmerizing Skakavac Waterfall (the highest one in the country). Some will make you discover panoramic views of the Rakitnica River Canyon. The best of the best will be when you are on the summit called Crveni Kuk (1,700 m) and when you contemplate the mighty peaks of Bosnia & Herzegovina, but also Montenegro.

Winter hiking is priceless

If you are a passionate hiker and want to explore amazing winter peaks, you should definitely try snowshoeing. Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina is always a good idea, but winter hiking is priceless. After you experience the rugged natural beauty and rich local cuisine, you will be spreading the word around. So, isn’t it the right time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina and to pin it on your bucket list?

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