Time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Part 1

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Picture snow-covered rugged mountains, serene forests, crystal-clear creeks, glacial lakes and frozen waterfalls. Now, picture yourself walking & sensing this winter idyll. Wouldn’t you like to teleport immediately to that place? Perhaps together with your family or friends? Or just with your soulmate? If you are dreaming of the perfect snowy escapade, it is the perfect time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Here is why National Geographic Traveller listed one of those paths (Dinarica Western Balkans mega trail) as one of the top 2017 destinations.

Best-kept winter secret

Bosnia & Herzegovina is Europe’s best-kept winter secret and one of the world’s fastest-growing winter destinations. Of the beaten path and quite undiscovered, this country offers a full range of excellent resorts for snow sports. You can choose between the Olympic beauties - Mt Jahorina, Mt Bjelašnica & Igman, or on some lesser-known & hidden treasures such as Mt Vlašić, Mt Kupres and Mt Blidinje. And that’s not all. Bosnia & Herzegovina is becoming known as the country for the best skiing on a budget in Europe.

Snowshoe after wolves & wild cats

If you are not into skiing and snowboarding, but you are still an outdoor enthusiast, there is nothing better than snowshoeing in the Bosnian stunning mountains. A sort of winter hiking, this is the best alternative to mainstream winter activities, and it is even much funnier. What to expect? A mind-boggling combination of snowy pristine sceneries, fresh air, succulent food and wild animal footprints. Yes, you have read it well – be ready to snowshoe after wolves & wild cats. Because in Bosnia & Herzegovina very remote, untouched and raw nature expects you. And since there will be no better time to snowshoe stunners of Bosnia & Herzegovina before you book this adventure, check some of insider’s tips.

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