Three free-to-visit Medici Villas in Tuscany

Medici is not just the Italian word for “doctors”, it is also the name of the most important and most influential family of the XV century, arguably, in Europe. They started as bankers, eventually their bank will become the largest in Europe, but they evolved in a political dynasty and a royal house. Their power was immense, intensified by direct and strong relations with other important families. The House produced three (!!!!!!) Popes, gave us art masterpieces that last until today, and developed the modern book-keeping system.

Among their heritage is the complex of thirteen villas they built in Tuscany, mostly close to Florence, the centre of their powers. These villas had different uses: country residences for the family members, recreational resorts for the owners and their guests, and agricultural centres. You can visit the Villas in groups on organized tours, or you can do it your own! Here are three villas that can be visited for free:

Villa di Castello

Former home of Botticelli’s Venus, this villa, situated on a hill just outside Florence, develops on three floors and it was named best Italy’s park in 2013. The gardens alone are worth the visit!

Villa Corsini

Not far from Villa Castello, Villa Corsini stands out for its baroque façade and its incredible collection of statues and pieces that would find their place in any archaeological museum of the world.

Villa La Petraia

The main tower of the Villa can be seen by Florence, so just imagine the view you’ll enjoy once you visit it. Inside you’ll find unique sculptures and incredible frescos.

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