The white steps of Realmonte

Eleonora Ruzzenenti | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Realmonte, a small town of about five thousand inhabitants in the province of Agrigento, offers many treasures, especially from nature, to be discovered and known. We immediately think of the Scala dei Turchi, a very famous and particular " stairway " of white rock that plunges to the sea.

Scala dei Turchi is one of the most curious and evocative tourist attraction in Sicily, a rocky cliff overlooking the sea, with the shape of a natural staircase of pure white color. It’s probably named after the frequent incursions of piracy perpetrated by the Saracen populations, who were generically called "Turks" by the locals.

The bright white of the rocks is impossible to look at on a sunny day and you’ll have to put your sunglasses on to appreciate it in comfort. The teamwork of the elements has created this miracle – the color is due to the sedimentary marl rock, while the soft, wavy curves are a result of the wind and the sea. The cliff lies between two beaches, which is convenient if you want to feel sand between your toes.

Scala dei Turchi is located between two beaches of fine sand, where the water is usually calm and shallow and you can easily spot fishes and other sea creatures. To get there you shall drive along the coast and climb the cliff through a rather strenuous track; it’s not an easy path, also because the rock it's quite smooth and polished, because of its soft and curvy shape. Once you reach the top, the place offers a unique and unmistakable view that embraces the coast of Agrigento up to Capo Rossello, both by day and at sunset. The steps of the cliff are also used by bathers to soak up the sun after a refreshing swim in the surrounding sea.

Remember that the rocks are very slippery when wet, so be careful when climbing. Flip flop sandals probably won’t give you as much traction as a pair of shoes.

If you look for a more kids friendly place or if you just want to spend a relaxing day combining beach with easy access (no steps to climb) to Scala dei Turchi I found the lido Majata Beach in my last visit and i think it was worth it. After parking your car in their parking lot, you can walk to this clean beach, rent a chair and umbrella, and swim if you choose and then make the short stroll to La Scala (about 10/15 minutes walk). The owner is absolutely friendly and they have a very nice restaurant right on beach, casual, inexpensive, with amazing fish food.

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