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Eleonora Ruzzenenti

My name is Eleonora and I was born in Bergamo, a beautiful city in northern Italy near Milan where I worked for several years for an insurance company. One day the guy I knew would go on to become my husband received a job offer for a big company in Torino, so I decide to give up everything to follow him. Changing my life and getting out of my comfort zone makes me feel an insatiable curiosity for the new and an uncontrollable desire to explore different places, traditions, cultures and religions. And so, as we love our land infinitely, we have not stopped. In 12 years we have lived in 8 different cities, exploring different countries and discovering three different continents, Asia, Australia and Europe. During all this wandering we had two wonderful children, to whom we try every day to transmit the passion for travel, the desire to discover and the curiosity for the new. I decided to write for Itinari for passion, for the desire to share my experiences and the curiosity to know those of others.

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