The ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches - Part II

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

After the first part of the ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches, here is Part II, presenting the side of Luštica that belongs to the Herceg Novi Municipality. Here, the coast is diverse. There are pebble and concrete-gravel beaches, as well as many cliffs, capes and caves.

The most popular beach on the peninsula is Žanjice. Only 600 meters from here, there is Mirište which is an unofficial camping site, then the Arza Beach with the Arza Citadel and from here the next place is totally different from everything else seen before - it is the Blue Cave, approachable only by boat. One more place worth visiting is certainly the Cape Veslo - a perfect place for diving.


As already said, Žanjice is a well-known beach, the most popular one in Luštica. In the past, it was a private beach of the President of Yugoslavia - Josip Broz Tito. Therefore, it is also known as the President Beach. Žanjice is a pebble beach with numerous bars and restaurant at the shore. There are boats departing to Blue Cave or Mamula island every few minutes, and the trip cost not more than 5 euros per person.


The area close to the Mirišta Beach is an unofficial campsite. If you find a perfect spot to park your van or camper, somewhere between the beach and the road, you can stay here for days for free. Mirišta is known as one of the calmest places along the Montenegrin coast, and the fact that it has some incredible spots in a walking distance makes it even more attractive. Mirišta is a concrete-gravel beach with a restaurant and a bar nearby.


The Arza Beach is located only a few steps from the Mirišta Beach, and it has a splendid view of the Mamula Island and the Island Žanjic. As Mirište, it is known as a peaceful and quiet place. The beach is just next to the Arza Cape with an Austro-Hungarian fortress at its end. When spending the time here, take a walk around, explore the surrounding nature and enjoy the panorama of the beautiful cliffs just under the fortress.

Blue Cave

There are many caves around the Luštica Peninsula, but the most interesting one is the Blue Cave, inside which the light makes everything look shining blue. Blue Cave is a real attraction, and it is daily visited by hundreds of people. There are two entrances to the cave, and it is possible for boats and smaller ships to enter inside. On sunny days, numerous shades of blue are coloring the water and the walls of the cave. Swimming here is just a unique experience.

Cape Veslo

The Cape Veslo is an incredible place for the adventurers. With its steep and rocky cliffs, it looks wild and intact. Here, one can have fun jumping off the cliffs or diving, surrounded by incredible nature. Even though not very popular, the place is just perfect for diving and underwater fishing. Close to the cape, there is a place for camping in an official Auto Camp called Veslo.

Having so many diverse beaches, it is hard not to find a perfect spot for yourself. This was part II of the ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches, but that's not everything that Luštica has to offer, more hidden gems are coming soon.

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