The ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches - Part I

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Luštica Peninsula has a lot to offer, yet it is not the most popular place on the Montenegrin coast. Even though it attracts more people in recent years, there are still a lot of places where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere. But isn’t that the luxury that we are all searching for? Here is the part I of an ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches where everyone can find the perfect summer spot for themselves.

The first thing to know about Luštica is that one part belongs to Tivat Municipality while the other side of the peninsula is part of Herceg Novi. On the traffic roundabout in front of Tivat and Kotor, there is a road that leads you along the coast, through the rusty Mediterranean nature of Luštica Peninsula. As you drive, you come by many beautiful settlements and small concrete, gravel or sandy beaches. Here are they in this article, one after another, just as one will approach them.


The first one to come is a small settlement with a fishing tradition called Kakrc. Besides the locals, not many people come here, but the place is very cute and has authentic architecture, so it is certainly worth visiting. There are around 40 households here. Just opposite of the settlement, there is a charming Our Lady of Mercy Island with its church, as well as St Marco Island - the largest one in the Tivat Bay. Kakrc is considered to have the cleanest sea in the area, due to many underwater springs of which one is very close to the coast, in the center of the settlement.


Unlike Kakrc, Krašići is a bit larger in terms of area, and it is a popular tourist place. It belongs to the Tivat Municipality, and in the past, the original village was situated a little bit upper, on the side of a mountain. The first houses were built closer to the coast after an earthquake in 1979, when a great part of the village was damaged. People here always loved fishing, and it was their main source of income. After the earthquake, locals, as well as tourists, started building houses, and nowadays they rent it during the summer. Krašići became very attractive tourist spot, so today there are many accommodation capacities around available for to rent throughout the year. The main beach is a concrete-gravel beach, but more natural gravel and smaller beaches can be found around as well.


After Krašići, Rose is an inevitable place to be visited. It is the most beautiful settlement in the Luštica Peninsula. Somehow hidden and that way protected from being overcrowded, Rose surprises everybody with an authentic architecture and a unique charm. It is a fisherman village and the oldest settlement in this region, first time mentioned in the 4th century. Today, there are some important archeological spots here, on the land as well as at sea. A lot of tourists come to Rose with their ships or small yachts. The place has several restaurants, and the most popular one is the Forte Rose, inside the fortress with the same name. The Rose beach is made of a concrete. The gravel beaches are next to Rose and are reachable by foot.

This ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches will in the next article take you to Žanjic, Mirište, Arza, Blue Cave and Veslo Cape, which all belong to the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

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