The treasure of Maribor: Stara trta – the world’s oldest vine

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The second largest city in Slovenia – Maribor is full of beautiful sights and places to explore, but most importantly it is home** to one of the biggest treasures of the country – the oldest vine in the world called Stara trta. The over 400-year-old vine **with an interesting story to tell should definitely be on the top of your list when visiting the capital of Lower Styria.

Stara trta is located right in the centre of Maribor’s old town - Lent, where you can visit a festival and feel the summer, next to the river Drava and an old medieval house called Hiša Stare trte, also known as The Old Vine House. There you can enjoy wine tastings of some of the best wines from all over Slovenia, get to know the history of the vine and buy an original gift or a souvenir. There is also a museum, dedicated to the vine, which makes Stara trta the only plant in Slovenia that has its own museum and even its own anthem.

Stara trta was planted back in the Middle Ages on Lent, which is now the oldest and most lively part of Maribor. The fascinating thing about the history of Stara trta* **is that it survived many years *of fierce battles, fires and diseases. It managed to persist for more than 400 years and continues growing and bearing fruits.

It is, of course, important to honour traditional and unique things in life, which is why a festival in honour of Stara trta is being organised every year, and it lasts for more than a month. The festival takes place in front of The Old Vine House in Maribor, starting at the end of September when the vine is being harvested and lasts until Saint Martin’s day on the 11th of November. The festival offers delicious wine tastings with different wines being presented. There are numerous stands with culinary delights and various products from all over Slovenia, not to mention the many traditional customs and fun activities that are accompanying the event.

Visiting Stara trta and tasting its wine is a memorable experience, especially if you are coming at the time of the festival. Then you can really feel the soul of the city that is home to the oldest vine in the world and the love that the locals have for this unique treasure of Maribor.

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