Festival Lent – feel the summer in Maribor

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Already 26. Festival Lent in Maribor is happening from 22nd to 30th June. And this is not just another summer festival, it is an adventure and an experience in culture, a get-together where you can enjoy the various shows, food, music and even ballet performances. In over 30 locations across Maribor, all within walking distance, you will be able to feel the summer during one of the oldest and largest open-air festivals in central Europe. The whole town turns into an open-air stage, inviting many international guests to join and enjoy the activities during the day and continue to party at nights, celebrating music and culinary delights under the open sky.

In the city center, there will be a lot of street performances by many musicians of different musical styles. The variable program will include everything, from jazz, rock, classical all the way to the electronic music.

Folkart is something for all the fans of the magical and colorful folk heritage of the world, and for the ones who would like to experience something new. Many top-class folk groups from all over the world will perform on the floating stage on the Drava River, as well as in the city center.

Sladolent is the sweet part of Lent, that will allow you to taste all the culinary delights made by the best Slovenian chefs. Among many prominent names of the Slovenian gastronomy, will also be famous Ana Roš, who was in early 2017 named world's best female chef by The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy.

Staying for only a day, you will pay 15 EUR for the daily Lenta. But those, who decide to make it a longer experience, might want to opt for the Lenta pass (25 EUR/15 EUR for students) that allow you to visit practically all the performances taking place in these nine days of the festival. Some concerts and performances are of extra charge. Be aware that you can buy an extra ticket just for the performance, but if you already have the Lenta pass, the ticket for the specific event is discounted.

If you are making plans for your stay in Maribor, the organizers are offering the packages with the accommodation, Lenta pass and many other benefits included.

All the street performances in the city center are free of charge and promise a great experience.

You can already feel the summer vibe that is going to be present in Maribor even if the festival hasn’t started yet. There is really something for everyone: opera and ballet performances, theatre and dance shows, street theatre, open-air cinema, sports activities and culinary experiences. All that accompanied with music of all kinds, either the concert style or street performances. Let’s “lent”!

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