The southern pearl of Azerbaijan: Masallı region

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The southern pearl of Azerbaijan - Masalli, is an extraordinarily colourful and interesting corner of the land of fire. This region invariably attracts many tourists, due to the unique historical monuments, picturesque nature and hospitality of local residents. Masalli is bordered by the Caspian Sea on the one side and the Talysh Mountains on the other. The ethnic group of Masalli region, in which the majority of the population in addition to the Azerbaijanis are Talysh, are the people of  distinctive culture, traditions and cuisine.

The nature

The nature of Masalli is amazing. Due to the mild subtropical climate, an average temperature in Masalli in summer is +29 degrees, while in winter it stays at an average of 7 degrees above zero. The whole area is covered with dense forests, in which grow rare plants such as the famous iron tree or Parrotia Persian.  The iron trees wood is so heavy that it sinks in water. Since the ancient times, the locals made of it the weaving machines.


Masalli is also famous for its springs. There are 37 springs in the village of Erkivan alone. This beautiful spot is rich with the underground and surface treasures. The "istisu" recreation center, located in the mountains, is the healing place for the tourists. It is used for the treatments of ulcers, joints, muscles, nervous system, skin, gastrointestinal and gynaecological diseases. 

Rivers of Masalli

The longest and deepest river in the subtropical zone of Azerbaijan - Vilashchay flows through the territory of Masalli region. The river flows all over Masalli and at the end of its long journey (111 km), it flows into the Caspian Sea. The name "Vilashchay" is known for thousands of years. A well-known astronomer, mathematician and geographer Alexander pointed out on the map of the Caspian Sea, that the Vilashchay flows into the sea in the Qizilagach. Today, the area of ​​the river is 935 square kilometers. The Vilashchay also conditionally draws the border between Masalli and Lerik regions. Vilis, Alvadichay and Tatyan rivers are also located in the Masalli region.


Villages in Masalli

The village of Erkivan is one of the notable places as the leader in population density in Azerbaijan with 18,000 people. So, there are 220 people per square kilometer, which is even more than in China! In average, in Masalli, the population density is three times higher than the average population density in Azerbaijan. In Masalli, there is also a Russian village - Kalinovka. İn the past this area was called Lyams (from Talysh - "lake", "glade"). In 1840, the Russian Molokans exiled from Russia at the beginning of the 19th century and migrated here from Shamakhi. Originally, the village was called Mikhailovka, in honor of the founder Mikhail Popov.

You can travel to Masalli, the southern pearl of Azerbaijan and discover something new every time. I strongly recommend you to taste the Talysh cuisine, which is very rich, diverse and has an ancient history. Every day spent in this incredible region will be full of unforgettable moments.

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