The prestigious glass making industry in Czechia

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Czechia is not only known for its culture, architecture and beer, but also for its glass making industry. The glass industry makes a large part of the Czech economy, business and trade. The "Czech glass making" has a great reputation worldwide and it is particularly showcased through decorations, as well as jewellery. 

Whether you would like to learn how to make glass, or simply buy a nice souvenir to bring home, then make sure you include some of the glass attractions to your visit while in the country. The glass making industry comes from the northern part of Czechia, due to its abundance in raw materials, such as sand and wood. Should you wish to take an excursion and visit the northern part of Czechia, then make a stop in Karlovy VaryJablonec, Novy Bor or Zelezny Brod, which are all known towns for glass making and have a large presence of glass making shops. 

Some of the top Czech glass brands are Moser, Preciosa and the world famous Swarovski. The Moser glassmaker is located in Karlovy Vary- a must visit town when in Czechia. Moser is known for its production of hand made crystal without lead, such as glasses with various colours, designs, engravings and special crystals. These glasses are a true piece of art! When in Karlovy Vary make sure you also visit the Moser Glassworks Museum, which will take you through more than a century long history of glass making and crystals.    

Picture © Credits to istock/Zagursky
Picture © Credits to moserglass

Crystalex is another major world glass producer located in Novy Bor, which is one of the main towns for glass production as well as for prestigious glassmaking schools. A special place worth visiting in the same town is Ajeto restaurant, which is also connected to a glass workshop and belongs to the famous Czech architect and designer, Borek Sipek

Picture © Credits to istock/IrenaV

"Preciosa" comes from a small town called Jablonec, and is known for its sparkly appearance. The items they produce are rather luxurious and include jewellery, stones decorations and stunning chandeliers. When in Jablonec, make sure to visit the glass and jewellery museum, which is the only of its kind in the entire country and dates back to 1904.   

Picture © Credits to jablonec

I’m sure most of you have already heard and come across a Swarovski store. The brand has its origins in Czechia, even though its production lines are now distributed in dozens of different countries worldwide. The founder, under the name Daniel Swarovski, comes from the northern part of the country, but soon after starting his glass making work,  moved his business to Austria. 

Picture © Credits to istock/J2R

If you don’t intend to travel beyond Prague, stay assured, since most of these brands and manufacturers have their shops in the capital city, too. After all, glass making and Czech crystals are a major symbol of the country and its "arts industry". Make sure you don’t fall into any tourist traps and visit genuine glass shops of premium quality.       

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