The place where man-made craft meets natural craft – Lahij

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Another miracle of Caucasus, as well as the next page of Azerbaijan history, is located in Ismailli district, the northern part of Azerbaijan. It is the village called Lahij, which is 180 km far from Baku – the capital city. The village is famous for its ancient living places and cultural heritage, which is preserved for thousands of years. Moreover, it has extraordinary landscape, which is one of the main reasons behind the admirable beauty of Lahij.



The village located on the southern slope of Greater Caucasus at height of 1200-1500 meters above the sea level. On the way to the village, the wonderful view of the mountains surrounding the road will amaze you. Especially, the Canyon of Girdimanchay River and an old bridge on it will make you feel inside an adventurous movie. Since you arrive the village, the scenery of the Greater Caucasus will become even more adorable. The view gives the feeling as if the mountains embrace the village.



Besides the natural beauty, Lahij is one of the living histories of Azerbaijan. It seems like the village frozen in the medieval ages. The village has an interesting architecture, in which the houses were made from river stones and built centuries ago. Streets covered by river stones, ancient public bath and workshops form an open-air museum together.


Lahij is famous for its copper craft, which is the main activity of the inhabitants since the centuries. Copper is a family job here and passed from father to son. Every workshop is like a little museum, which produces its own exhibits. The main products are the household items. Items made with special ornaments and traditional designs. Apart from that, national clothes, carpets, and other items are related to the culture of the region.


Meet the museum protected by mountains in Lahij!

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