The perfect walk at Lake Biograd

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let your imagination lead you

My first recollections of visiting this place where when I was around five years old. I was young enough to appreciate the nature and enjoy every single aspect of it, but not old enough to know this is not to place to wander aloned. Naturally, as every curious child, hungry for some adventure, I did not listen to the advice of the older ones and somehow I have managed to get lost. Needless to say, I was merely petrified when I realized I have lost my parents and my brother, or that they have lost me.but At first I felt as if I was the main character of one of the fairytales I have been told about - you know, even beyond Disney cliché. The place, with its breathtaking nature, incredibly rich flora and fauna and oh well, crystal clear water, offered quite some material for my already vivid imagination. Apart from the feeling of loneliness after some time, as upon my disappointment, the squirels did not want to talk to me, the scared look on my parents faces when they had finally found me and the reprimand I have received, the most notable thing I remember is really my own love adventure with this beautiful lake. I thought I would be way too selfish not to share this fairytale- like spot with you.

As I have already introduced you to some of the g[lorious Balkan lakes](, we are continuing our journey by stopping at the precious, not so hidden, gem of Montenegro - Lake Biograd (Biogradsko jezero). I believe the mere pictures of this nirvana-like place are more than enough to convince you to embark on a journey, but still, allow me to provide you the brief overview of this rich lake.

Lake Biograd is located on the Bje[lasica Mountain](, within Bio[gradska Gora national park]( The best thing about it is that it is situated in the very heart of Biogradska Gora national park, on an altitude of more than thousand meters which makes it by far the biggest and most attractive lake out of the seven glacial lakes scattered across the national park. The maximum depth is 12 m which in some parts do not make it very suitable for swimmers. The lake, filled by clear and fast Biograd river, offers its visitors a great opportunity for a small, romantic boat ride or even some family fishing, which I recall enjoyable.

Moreover, Lake Biograd is definitely one of the must visit places in Montenegro. Every year, it attracts more and more tourists, especially during the spring and summer seasons, which I would warmly recommend you. I have sent there quite a lot of my summer holidays. If you may even wonder why is the popularity of this gem constantly increasing, Lake Biograd attracts attention simply because of its beauty and uniqueness. Once you are there, you will definitely feel it, and not forget it, as I haven't. Also, near the lake there is a visitor center, which will provide you with some of the useful information, the tours and trails you may take as well as the best parts ot the park and the lake. Enjoy the one of the rare virgin forest, resting next to the lake or select one of the many activities.

Finally, I can warmly recommend you to take a memorable hiking tour that leads through the beautiful landscapes of this inimitable national park. Or even better, let your imagination lead you and have the most amazing stroll of your life. Put yourself in the shoes of the five year old and don't be scared. Or you know, be a bit old school and do it with a tour guide. But I know I will most certainly not do it the next time.

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