All the colors of Biogradska Gora National Park

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Biogradska Gora, most noticeable by its virgin forest, one of the last three in Europe, by its Lake Biograd, by mount Bjelasica and by its rich flora and fauna, is the smallest of the five national parks in Montenegro. It is positioned in the central part of Montenegro between rivers Tara and Lim. Municipalities Kolasin, Berane and Mojkovac are surrounding it.

The color that prevails in the virgin forest is of course the green colour, but I have never seen this national park in just one tone. Contrary - for me, Biogradska Gora is yellow, red, white, brown, green, black, orange, blue, gold... You could definitely agree with me, if you visit this beautiful park in the autumn. In this time of the year its forest, normally green painted, gets the most diverse shades of the above-mentioned colors.

Besides its enchanted appearance in the autumn, this national park is also magical throughout the year - at the beginning of spring when, after the brown-whitish winter, its forest gets all the bright colors again, and her green robe is so bright, as if almost fluorescent; during summer when sun rays filter through the leaves of over 500 years old trees, it makes a perfect getaway from the Montenegrin heat, and in the winter when, bound with snow, Biogradska Gora becomes a real idyllic winter place.

It is embellished with the massif of the mountain Bjelasica and the glacial lakes, of which Biograd Lake is the most visited and largest. However lakes Pesica, Ursulovacko and Sisko have their own charm and are worth of visiting as well. Lake Biograd is completely surrounded by the virgin forest and it is accessible very easily, being placed at the very entrance of the national park. As for the other lakes, since all of them are located in the valleys, the most beautiful way would be to reach them by descending from one of the tops of the hills that are surrounding them.

I had the opportunity to meet Biogradska Gora through my hiking tours, and I would recommend this experience to each and every visitor. This national park has a numerous hiking trails that lead to the highest peaks and lakes. It is considered the hikers paradise.

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